Im sorry if this seems dumb but is there any need to give a baby puddings? Cant you just give them larger meal portions? Obviously there must come an age when puddings go cos i dont have them and never remember having them after every meal. Im keen to get Frankie to have good eating habits. I love pretty much all food although i do have a sweet tooth, and i want her to love lots of different food too. She has 3 meals (cereal and 2 veg purees) and 1 yogurt as a snack. So far I have not found a vegetable she wont eat. As she gets older i will give her fruit as snacks but i really want to avoid too much sweet stuff.


  • Just wrote out a really long reply and be ate it!

    Basically when I was a kid, pudding after most meals was either a piece of fruit or a yoghurt, except on special occasions or after a Sunday roast. That's what I'm going to do with Oscar.

    At the moment, he has fruit after each meal to explore further tastes but he does have to have eaten his veg first, unless it's cauliflower which is the only one he's refused!

    On a side note, what portion sizes are you giving her now? Confused as to how much is too much as I think Oscar would eat till he's sick most of the time!
  • Hmm never thought about it like that!
    Charlotte hasn't got a real sweet tooth (she loves savoury food especially cheese)!!
    I give her puddings though as they have extra milk in them (calcium) and some are fatty which she needs as she is quite skinny.
    You do what you think is right. Maybe mixing tiny pieces of chopped fresh fruit with natural yoghurt would be ok for a pudding for you?? Not too sweet and the sugar would be natural not added.
  • I like the idea of giving fruit in yogurt. She has different fruit puree mixed in her porridge in the morning. I think what i will do as she gets older is give her a 'picnic' lunch so sandwich, fruit, yogurt and tea with no pudding. I just dont want her to get used to really sweet things after every meal.

    At the moment she has 5oz bottle and 5 teaspoons of porridge with one cube of fruit puree for breakfast.
    lunch - 5oz bottle and 4 cubes of veg puree
    snack - yogurt
    tea - 5oz bottle and 4 cube of veg
    bedtime - 7oz bottle

    She sometimes cries when the bottle is finished but eats all the veg and occasionally whinges between spoonfuls. She goes 4ish hours between meals so i know she is having as much as she can take.
  • How big are your cubes? Standard ice cubes or bigger baby ones? Sorry, my hv's rubbish so I've no one to really ask who doesn't just say follow his lead...
  • I got some flexible ice cube trays from tesco for 99p (im sorry but i wasnt paying annabel karmel prices!!) so they are normal ice cube size. I think i will try to keep the portions at this size until its time to take a bottle away.

    I joined the Hipp baby club and they sent me a weaning guide that was really useful. You can get it off their website too. It shows you through the first 4 weeks but i have done it slower than the guide.
  • max only has a pudding with his evening meal! but once he goes onto stage 2 food i doubt he will wont it cos i presume he will get more filled up! ??? dunno lol xx
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