foa anyone who has a child iat school (bit ot)

hi. i just wanted to know what ypou put in their packed lunchbox?
ive just had a barney with my daughters school as i feel i am old enough and wise enough to pack a balanced meal as they seem to think i am unable to (i gave her 6 malteasers with a salad sandwhich,yogurt and 2 pieces of fruit and water to drink)

what really upset me is the fact that they gave her a very colourful ice lolly probably packed with sugar and e numbers but didnt ask me!

is this double standards or what?! what a fuss over 6 malteasers- which has less chocolate than a penguin bar!!
i got told its because you can buy them "over the counter" i replied io sent her with malteasers not mophine!!!

am i wrong to be annoyed?


  • i would be furious. my son is a very picky eater and frequently doesn't eat any lunch so i am afraid i give him choc spead sandwiches every 2nd day and ham sandwiches the other days and an apple and sometimes a biscuit. i would rather he ate something than nothing. He does have porridge for breakfast and a homemade dinner at night.
  • no not at all the lunch sounded fine but my sons school is the same. I send him to dinners anyway as hes not a great eater of sandwiches and prefers the lasagne, gammon steak dinners etc they provide lol what i do find funny is that the school does not allow chocolate etc yet they give him a pudding every day in school which I never would he has far more sweet stuff now he gets dinners as he is getting cake and custard etc (they do give fruit and custard, fruit and yougart too etc etc) but surely they are just as bad

    playing devils advocate i think they probably put on these sanctions as although you provide a healthy lunch there are others that would send them in with all the crap of the day to eat and if they let one have choclate others may complain and those with crap parents may only be getting a decent lunch because of the schools rules on lunches?
  • thanks girls. i was furious! and hubby is just as annoyed. he looked at the cooked dinners which she has about 3 times a week and ALL of the puddings are crumble, cake, chocolate custard,muffins and stuff to that effect,like you said moonbean its stuff i would consider too sweet at home.
    i know what you mean about if they let me send her with it then there will always be someone who took advantage and sent loads of crap in but i wont even allow her crisps which are worse than a small bit of chocolate but they are still allow these?! i think its madness we didnt have this when we were children and have grown up and reached adult hood without problems.
    thanks again for the replies x
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