Dream feed ? Does it work for you, how/when did you start ?

Hi, Archie is 5wks old and for the last week or so he's been bedtime feed at 7-7.30, waking for a feed at 2am and then again at 6.30am. So I was wondering if we could try the dream feed and would he sleep through ?
I've read tons of baby books, I like to soak up all the info, and I'm adopting some bits and pieces from all of them (I've read loads !) Anyway I've read the Baby Whisperer and she advises that you can start doing it from 6wks but I'm not sure what's involved. Should I wait a wee while until this routine we're in (which isn't too bad) has totally bedded in.
Would be good to hear from people that have tried it before I start trying to wake him when he's happy enough to sleep till 2am.
Or is there another way I can get him to drop the 2am bottle ? Feed more at bedtime ? Thanks. Suz x


  • We tried dream feeding our lo when he was about 6 weeks old and it worked really well and then all of a sudden he just started sleeping thro the night after a few weeks.... i recommend it. It's strange tho as you just push the bottle into their mouths while they are sleeping and they start drinking it and stay asleep and no need to burp them as they dont take air in!! We just did the dreamfeed when we went to bed about 11.30ish
  • Ooo I do a dream feed with Charlie he gets it at 12 at night and he was going right thru to 6-7am with it, since he has had his injections and has been poorly so all been thrown out of sync but I found it great. & it's starting to work again now.. when he gets back into it, i'm slowly going to start moving the feed back by 15mins every few nights x
  • I have never heard of this dream feeding thing before but i think i have been doing it lol. Frankie normally has a bottle at 10-10.30 but last night she just would not wake up for it. She is only 3 weeks old so i didnt want to leave her as it had been 4 hours since she last had anything to eat. I put the bottle in her mouth and she drank it without waking up and then woke again for her next feed at 2 as normal.

    It was actually really good cos we didnt have to settle her again afterwards. I hope its ok to do to a 3 week old though!
  • we never did a dream feed when jason was little little but when we put him into his own room about a month ago he started waking for feeds at about 12:30/1am so we'd just feed him just before we went to bed at about 11:30 n he slept thought till about 8am. Jason's 7 months nearly but a couple of weeks of it n he was ok!

    now however he's in full swing teething so has started waking about about 3/4am just for the sake of it!!! usually a top up of bonjela but it's still a pain!!!

    As for the stopping the feeds, Jason decided that himself! he just stopped taking the bottles n after a couple of nights of him doing it we just went straight to bed!
  • I've tried it a few times with Theo and its never worked! He sometimes sleeps through, last night he went from 9:30-7am but he seems to have about 2 out of 7 really crap nights.
  • I give me lo a dream feed at 10pm when I go to bed - it ensures she doesn't need another feed till 2am. i've tried giving it from a bottle (she is bf) and will only take an ounce - not sure what she gets from me! Last night I gave her both formula and me - but only got me an extra 20mins!!
  • hiya, my lo is 9 weeks old and she sleeps from half 8 till about 5 then up for a 4oz feed then sleeps again till half 7. if i were to dream feed would she sleep threw?and wen do you know wen to stop dream feeding?
  • Hi - I tried dream feeding my lo who is 16 weeks now when he was about 6 weeks - i found it didn't really work. We would put him to bed between 6 and 7 and he would usually wake about 1 for a feed. I started getting dh to give him a dream feed between 9.30 and 10 when we went to bed. He still woke for a feed at around1 and then started waking about 9.15 for his feed as well!

    It is worth a try though, all babies are different.

    Just for the record lo is usually bf but, would have bottle for his dream feed.
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