spotting & brown cm?

hi ladies

since I found out i was pregnant on 26th October, i haven't had any normal cm. i've either had bleeding (when i wipe) or brown cm, I've had 2 early scans already, the 2nd one showed my little pip had grown, I'm due to go back for another scan on 15th december but i'm still having either bleeding or brown cm and I'm petrified that when i go back on 15th i'll be told my little pip has gone.

has anyone else experienced this during their pg and their little pip continued to be okay?



  • hi hun when i was 7 weeks pregnant i had a bit of spotting and brown cm. i phoned my maternity unit for advice and they told me not to worry because brown discharge is old blood and thats a good sign.

    u could be experiencing an implantation bleed, or sometimes around the time your af would have been due it is common to get some spotting. Like Lea Pea said, a little light beeding in the early stages is very common and doesn't mean anything is wrong I know u must be really worried but try and relax. If the bleeding turns bright red or gets heavy then seek advice. I'm sure everything will be fine xxx
  • thank you so much for your fast replies. you have put my mind at rest slightly though but i suppose you're right and wont feel really at ease until I've had my scan.

    I had implantation bleed about 8dpo, this continued til 12dpo and then got my BFP at 14 dpo. The following week i then started bleeding so doc referred me to EPU for my first scan on 4th November i was really early on as could only see a little dot on the screen, went back on 18th November and the gestational sac had grown to 8mm, they said from the size of the sac and the fact there wasn't yet a yolk sac, I was just under 5 weeks pg. I keep telling myself that as I've had bleeding and brown cm since the start and my little pip had grown at my 2nd scan that pip could still be growing merrily inside me. i really hope so.

    do you think i should see if the EPU would let me bring my scan forward or wait til 15th as the EPU suggested originally?

  • if u are still feeling really anxious then there would be no harm in giving the EPU a call and asking if they can see u earlier. i'd probably do exactly the same x
  • thank you all so much for your replies. i've just got back from the docs as i thought i had a water infection, turns out i was right and have now got some antibiotics. i saw the same doc as i did when i was first having the bleeding, he was asking how things were going, i explained everything to him and he said he still believes that the reason for the bleeding and brown cm will be due to increased blood flow and my cervix being soft. he was lovely and really nice to speak to. helped to put my mind a rest a little more too.

  • Hi i had a lot of bleedng up until around 25 weeks (i think) i had placenta praevia, which resolved as my baby grew she pushed the placenta up out the way. She is now 8 months old and happy and healthy except has a cold at the mo image !!

    I worried everytime no matter how many people told me it will be ok i think its natural but i found it helpful to hear others experiences, lots of people i spoke to seem to have had similar experiences and gone on to have healthy happy babies. I'm glad the doctor put your mind at rest too xxx
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