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Hi girls, hope you are all well. Ruby is now 3 weeks old, I have been breastfeeding her and she was averaging every 1-2 hours for feeds - max 3 hrs during day. She always seems to feed more at night, the last two nights and days have been really hard, she hasnt gone anymore than an hour inbetween image i am sooooooo tired!! She doesnt seem settled inbetween feeds either and is only sleeping lightly with lots of groaning & whimpering. She doesnt appear to be unwell or in discomfoft - just wont sleep and wants to eat all the time!!! She is gaining weight well and having plenty of wet & dirty nappies.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated, reluctantly considering combined feeding just to see if thst helps???
Lisa & Ruby - 3 wks


  • How does she sleep during the day? Could she have her day and night confused? Oscar was like this for a few weeks and we had to keep everything bright and loud during the day and very quiet and dark at night. I also tried to keep him awake for a while after his day feeds - as long as I could manage - and always talked to him when he was feeding in the day and not at night.

    I may be wrong and others may have better advice...

    Congratulations on you daughter xxx
  • aarghh be just ate my reply.

    Oscar was like that at 3-5 weeks and it was wind. once we realised he was quite windy he improved. he is now 4 months and doing well. you are doing well and these are really the hardest weeks of breastfeeding after it gets much easier.

    hope that helps and well done

    viki and oscar xxx

    poor typing due to feeding!! :lol:
  • Hi blrose...glad to hear you're ok! Your milk has a much higher fat content at night so babies often feed more,and it could be a growth spurt. I managed to feed both boys until 3 1/2 weeks but gave up as they were still both asking for feeds every hour/2 and I had mastitis and bleeding nipples! I have to say that Jacob sleeps like that still (even though both he and Ethan are more settled on formula) as he has wind trapped,it sometimes takes us an hour to free it!

    I know how hard the tiredness is but try to keep going,my midwife advised us to offer a bottle of formula after the evening feed and that did help them settle for around 3/4 hours which gave us a break!

    K,Jacob&Ethan 4+4 xx
  • thanks for your replies girls.
    Ruby sleeps a lot better during the day - averages two hrs and appears to sleep deeper, I keep curtains open and tv etc on. Can go out and she'll sleep oblivious!! Wondered if she doesnt like the quiet & dark at night so have tried keeping a dim lamp & tv on but not much difference!!
    She is a windy baby and I have been using Infacol which helps a bit, will try gripe water later this week (bottle says use from 1 month).
    Trying to keep going as I really dont want to stop feeding yet!! Fingers crossed this is a growth spurt and she will settle soon!!!!
    Thanks again girls image xxx
  • They do say that the first 6 weeks is a continuous growth spurt. Oscar certainly slowed down feeding at 5+4 so I believe it!

    It does also take at least 6 weeks for breast feeding to be properly established so keep going.

    Make sure you're eating properly and drinking plenty, and don't do too much. Housework etc can wait while your daughter is so young. Park yourself up in bed or on tv and do nothing but feed her on demand for a couple of days and I imagine you'll both feel much better after that.

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi, quick update.. I ended up calling the health visitor today as she was still feeding loads. A breast feeding counsellor called then came and saw us at home, so supportive and she has diagnosed that Ruby has tounge tie, the HV has faxed the hospital and hopefully we will get an urgent appt this week. Feel relieved in a wierd way, had a look on the web and all her symptoms are spot on so having it released will hopefully help lots!!
    Lisa xxx
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