he hasn't pooed since saturday

Hi ya everyone,

Can anyone give me some advice of what i can do or give Riley as he hasn't done a poo since saturday. He seems to be a bit unsettled and i tink this is the reason why. I'm mostly breast feeding him and he has 2 6oz formula bottles a day too. Since he's had the formula is does appear to be bunging him up a little. I've tried drinking and eating lots of fruit but he still hasn't gone.

Yesterday and through the night he had awlful smelly wind, just not sure what i can do to help him??

Anna and Riley 8+1


  • Don't worry this is completely normal. I remember panicking when Toby hadn't done a poo for a few days at about the same age - rang the MW and she said that babies (esp BF babies) can happily go for up to 7 or 8 days without doing a poo. They don't worry unless it has been at least 10 days.

    About an hour after I phoned the MW Toby did the most massive explosive poo ever so now I don't worry for fear of provoking another one, lol!

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  • My DD (BF) once went 5 days without a poo. It was very worrying but when I found out it was normal I quite enjoyed it when she didn't go for a couple of days - no pooey nappies to change!

    If you want to get things moving though you could give some cooled boiled water, massage his tummy clockwise or bicycle his legs.
  • we had a few week long gaps between poo's although these days i would happily go a few hours between dirty nappies! the things that helped my LO was the bicycle legs and offering some boiled water throughout the day that Peony1 mentioned and also a warm bath with a hot (ish) flannel laid on his tummy. I also found if it had been a few days a little amount of vaseline on the botty helped things along and a little more comfortable when things did start to move!
  • I was mixed feeding when LO was younger and he frequently went up to 5-6 days between poos. The HV was a bit confused because she said it's normal for breast fed babies but she wouldn't expect it in a baby who has formula too but she said not to worry as long as he isn't straining to poo, it's not hard pellets when he does go and doesn't seem in any discomfort.
  • hi, i mix fed ds, and the hv told me it was normal for them to go up to 10days between poos, as breastmilk is perfect there's much less waste, so nothing to poo out, iyswim? as its been warm, perhaps offer him a few sips of cooled boiled water around the ff's. hth xx
  • Thank you all for your advice. About an hour ago he did the most explosive poo ever lol. I didn't realise that about breastfed babys and not much waste. I'll stop worrying now, but i'm sure i'll find something else to worry about soon lol XX
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