Is anyone having their lo's christened?

We are not religious in any way so have decided not to have Kade christened but most of my family are very religious so were horrified when I said we weren't having him christened. Anyone else experience this?
I feel like a proper black sheep in my family (especially by my grannie) but if it is not our religion I don't think we should just put it on for everyone else?


  • We had Lily christened just before Christmas. Hubby wanted it done more than me, but once I met the vicar I was ok with it. She was lovely and 'modern' and the service was really sweet and focused on how much we loved Lily and that we wanted everyone to play a part in her life ie family and friends. She only mentioned God when we did the Lords Pray! It felt really nice at the end of the Christening and I am pleased we did it. We aren't really religious people, I mean we don't go to chruch each week, but it just felt right for Lily ro be welcomed and shown off to everyhone who means something to us and her. It really was done is such a lovely way - even my dad enjoyed it and he is so NOT religious! We had considered a naming ceremony before making the church decsion tho. I totally undertsand where you are coming form tho and it is what you think that counts.
  • Im the same as you, i would feel a hypocrit(sp?) having him christened as it's just not my thing and if Charlie chooses to be christened later in life then i would fully support his decision. My family are also 'put out' that we're not having one!!
    I recently went to a christening and i actually felt quite uncomfortable attending - like i said just not my thing.x
  • Funkymoneky - we went to a christening a few years ago that made us feel very uncomfortable so I know what you mean.
  • we didnt want JJ christened, we were going to just have a naming ceremony but we got moaned and moaned at from all directions and guess what...christening is tomorrow!! x
  • Hey.

    OH and me aren't religious (but i do like to go to chapel occassionally for the education!) but its very traditional to have a christening in their side of the family.

    I threw a fit about the whole hypocracy thing and spoke to the minister of the chapel i go to. She was really helpful and we ended up having a Dedication for Harry in June. It was brilliant and it was all about our family and the extended "godparents" and hardly anything was said about God which was brilliant.

    Highly reccommend a dedication over nothing! Xxxx
  • Hun, I think you're doing the right thing & if it's not something you are comfortable with then you shouldn't feel bad about not having Kady christened. We haven't had Angelo christened which is very unusual for a baby in Cyprus with a greek orthodox dad! I'm not comfortable with it. I'm not at all religous and oh not so much either, but we do get asked by oh's side of the family when we are getting Angelo christened. Oh just fobs them off and says we will wait until baby's born and have them christened together. I'm not sure what excuse he'll use when we have the baby!
    Try not to worry, I'm sure they'll get over it. xx
  • I haven't had Poppy christened and I won't be until she comes home from school asking if she can be. I don't believe and never go to church so I think it would be hypocritical, we also didn't get married in church. I think that a lot of people these days only get their babies christened to get them into better schools or for the parties that often come with christenings.
  • I got Kara christened when she was 6 weeks old as it is my religion and although I don't go to mass every week I still believe in it. It is everyones choice though and if it is your choice not to then it is up to you.
  • Thanks ladies, I kind of feel a bit better about it now and intend on sticking to our guns. We don't think were going to get anything done but like Donna & Vanilla, if he wants to when he's older thats fine.

  • gosh i dont think you should have anything as important as a christening just to please family!!! You must believe to do it so you must stand your ground. i had daisy christened today as i was christened and my oh and i believe that we will all end up in the same place now . i dont go to church reguarlly but i do believe in god and heaven . our vicar was fabulous young modern and very genuine i would quite happily sit through a sunday service and it has certainly opened ny eyes to church its just babies dont like sitting still so might not go for while again. ti all those who havnt been to church for a while you will probably be surprised how much the church has changed.
  • My parents weren't going to have me christened as a baby as they weren't religious and didn't see the point.....BUT, what changed their mind was when a close friend lost their baby in his first few weeks and were told he couldn't be buried in a churchyard or have a funeral service as he hadn't been christened! God forbid that this should happen to Teagan, but we will be having her christened when we can arrange to get the family all together at some point (easier said than done!).
  • I'm quite sure that that isn't the case! Thousands of people die each year that aren't christened - what do they do with them??!!
    In fact, my oh has just told me his grandfather wasn't christened and I can assure you that when he died, he had a funeral service in the local church!!
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