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Hi Mummies,
I know i should really know the answer to this question as i have a two year old son, but how do u entertain a 5wk old baby? Sophie has moved on from just feeding, pooing and sleeping and has quite alot of awake time now, but i have know idea what to do with her while she's awake without pushing Rhys' nose out of joint. I play with him while she is sleeping but thats not enuf for him and he wants my attention when Sophie needs it as well. If i try and play with Sophie or lie her on her floor mat Rhys gets really jealous and quite stroppy. So in the end Sophie just ends up in her bouncy chair which she seems to be getting fed up with now coz shes crying abit more out of bordam i think. Does anyone have any suggestions and tips that i cud try? Kerry xxx


  • Hi Kerry
    I'm not gonna be much help as only have the one, but he's nearly 5 weeks old & also is starting to need a bit more entertaining! My parents bought him a little musical rattle thing today, which amused him for about 60seconds!!
    My friend, who's got 3 kiddies, used to get the older child to help play with the younger ones as part of their play time (not sure if that actually makes sense). The eldest used to quite enjoy trying to think up ways of amusing his little sisters (well, until he was old enough to say he wasn't interested anymore)!!
    Sarah xx
  • My son was 2 months off his 3rd birthday when Evie was born and I found this really hard too. Always made sure he had one to one attention when she slept and played all his fave games with him (when all I wanted to do was sleep lol!!!), as she got a bit older he started "helping" me with her, playing, reading to her, singing songs, changing, bathing etc and, touch wood, has never been particularly jealous. Evie's 5 months now and Joe's fave passtime is making her giggle. It's so cute to see, was trying to give her a bottle earlier today but she was too busy laughing at him to drink it! In the end I had to bribe him to with cartoons to stop!!!! A top tip I was given was to keep a bag of special, cheap toys (we had crayons, colouring book, couple of cars and a puzzle thing) that only comes out when you're feeding baby. It worked really well for us, he was much more interested in that than the fact that I was busy with Evie!
  • Cameron is 5 weeks and is also awake more and in need of entertaining. I spend a lot of face to face time with him as i've heard that they are really interested in faces. and cam seems to love having a little chat with mummy!! of course i have time for this as i only have one!!

    perhaps ask lo to pick his favourite book and suggest reading it to him and baby, that way baby gets to sit and look at your face and listen to your voice and lo gets to hear his fave story.

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