leaking boobs and only just got bfp ?? NORMAL??

Hi my sister has just found out she is pregnant, so she is only bout 4-5 weeks pregnant. she is 19. Her boobs are leaking already?? with my pregnancies it started bout 20 weeks. Is it normal for it to happen soo soon?? could it be a sign of extremely high hormones ie:twins?? lol i know its silly but just find this strange?? thanks sara a


  • I leaked quite early, not that early tho lol it happened to me for the first time at work! lol i had just been to the bathroom and said to my friend 'oh i've splashed water on me it looks like my boobs are leaking lol' but then i kept happening and was so embarrassed! but i wouldn't worry, i was told when i mentioned it to mw, not to worry, shows they work!! lol xx

  • I was 9 weeks when I started leaking. Could she be a few weeks on from what she thinks?
  • Is this her first pregnancy? I had Olivia 9 months ago and gave up BF her about 2 months ago and my boobs still seem to leak a little in the evenings. It started again about 3 weeks ago so didn't happen for a while so if it's not her first, perhaps that could be the reason i.e her body already familiar with pregnancy :\? If it is her first then i have no idea sorry image x
  • omg sara i thought this was about you :lol:
  • gosh totally thought the same!

    i leaked from the start with my son but didn't leak at all with Molly!

  • haha me too i thought it was about you lol..i leaked really early on and still do sometimes??? even though i stopped breastfeeding at 5 weeks?
  • lol sorry to disapoint ladies lol but nnnooooooooooo way would it be me lol do you think i'm crazy lol she's convinced its twins as her dad has twins and my mums sister has twins lol
  • I thought u were pregnant then!!
    Tbh I never leaked at any time during pg or afterwards. I'm sure it's normal though...? Her hormones have prob gone into manic overdrive....maybe it is twins - lol!!!
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