medised for 3 months +??


I know there have been some threads in the past about medised but i've got baby brain still and can't remember!! Maiya is 14 weeks and i've bought some medised today as she has a bad cold. i've been using the baby vapour rub for her chest, nasal drops to clear her nose and a wedge for her cot so can sleep upright a bit more. problem is she's finding it very hard to sleep. gave her 1 x 2.5 ml of capol for the last 2 nights but doesn't seem to have helped.

Is it ok to give 2.5ml of medised?? bottle says up to 5mls but that seems a lot.also i remember something from the thread that says it shouldn't be given to babies?? why does it say 3+ months on the box??

am thinking of giving it to her before bed tonight so she might get some rest so any info etc you would be great.

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  • I also bought some for harri the other day, I gave him 1 ml one night then 2 ml a couple of night after, but it didnt seem to help, he has a bad cough and is loosing sleep threw the coughing. i only gave him a small amount because i wasnt sure how much to give. The reason it still says 3=months is because they havnt changed all the packaging yet, i feel tht if it was dangerous then it all would have been recalled so they can change all the boxes. I think people were using it on a regular basis to sedate childeren so that the prents could get a good night sleep so they have changed the age, also people were using it with clpol, wich obviously you cnt mix with!! As you have the old bottle can i just ask how much it says to give a 11 month old?? xx
  • Hi

    have just checked the box for you and it says "3 months to under 1 year half to one 5ml spoonful 3 -4 times a day" and "1 year to under 6 one to two 5ml spoonfuls 3-4 times a day".

    like you say if it wasn't to be used I would have thought would have been recalled to change the boxes. obviously wouldn't use it with any other meds image)

  • Hey the first time i started using medised was wen my lil man was 4months and he had a really bag cold with horrible blocked nose which made him really unsettled at night and i found that it worked really well with him,it helped him breath better and sleep, i gave my lil man 5ml about an hlf hour before he went to bed at night and another couple of halfed doses through out the day which helped him be a bit happier and sleep the cold off.
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