does this sound like the start of colic?

Our little boy is 11 days old and for the last few nights he's been inconsolable for about 1-2hours starting after his feed around 7pm. He's happy if you hold him up on your shoulder but cries if you put him down. He seems in pain, goes bright red and kicks his legs and boxes his fists.

Hubbie thinks we're trying to put him to bed too early and that we sould try bedtime around 9pm instead of after his 7pm feed. Any ideas-i hate not being able to comfort him xx


  • Congratulaions!

    bless, I dont have experience of colic or know much about it, just wanted to say that Louise was that little she went to bed at around 9pm, I'd spend most of the evening 'cluster feeding' her or napping while my dh held her.

    He's very young, i'd do whatever he needs and not worry about a set bedtime.

  • Hi, Angelo was extremely colicky at that age but was completely inconsolable whether he was being held, put down, had just been fed, rocked..anything! Im not an expert but would think if he is happy being held it may not be colic. Could it be that he's overtired and having trouble settling? I wouldn't worry too much about a specific bedtime but he probably shouldn't go too long between sleeps at that age. Nina is now 3 weeks and after feeds only has a very short time before going back to sleep. Ive noticed that if I keep her up for longer and there's lots going on she is much harder to settle. x
  • my daughter suffered with colic and during and afet her bottle she used to scream in pain and the only thing that would stop her would be if i held her over my shoulder and rubbed her back this happened late evening and during the night.
    the midwife recommended infacol because u can use this from birth and it helped alot, maybe you should try some.

    Hope it gets better for you soon x x
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