phil and teds owners? need help deciding

i have definately decided that i want a phil and teds for my baby due in april and my daughter who will then be 11/12 months.

i have been in mothercare today hoping to have a sneak peek at the new xplorer but they didn't have it in, only the vibe and sport. now i do like the vibe and had settled for this until i saw the woman attempting to fold it, then also having to slot the top seat back in when its folded with the second seat on. also found it quite bulky and heavy (i was unable to lift it with one hand and couldn't find anywhere to pick it up with just one hand).

so a few questions, which phil and teds do you have and do you like it? what are its pros and cons?

i don't mind taking the second seat unit off to fold as the only time it will be folded will to be put in a car so kids will already be in the car leaving me both hands free. the one thing about the xplorer i'm concerned about is the width of the seat, they say this is to replace the sport but i think the sport main seat is very narrow, so is the xplorer one wider??? so many questions and no-one to answer them. please help me!!!!!!
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