BLW and meat??

Hey ladies just wondered if you are doing or did baby led weaning how did you offer baby meat and how did they get on with it?

Also i heard BLW at 6 months is a better option as baby can just have what we have but i wondered say i made lasagne (i always make my own sauces) how would i offer that to baby?

Sorry if those questions are dumb!!



  • I used to put meat in a blender eg. Chicken breast , blitz it up then roll in cling film into a sausage shape and poach, lo could hold it easily and it was easier to chew x
  • I just gave it her. She has strips of chicken breast, beef, steak, sausage (homemade ones) and mince just as they come really. I give her lasagne, bologese, pasta etc just on her highchair tray and let her go for it. Its so messy but she is eating more and more as she gets older. Its quite fun too.

  • Im the same as MummyR2B. My Lo has lasagne, bolognease, roast dinners etc and i just give her meat as we would have it!

    Very messy at first but she now actually very good at letting me know when shes finished and hardly any goes on the floor now!
    HTH x
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