Tippman is back.

Just been on the people you might know on facebook so obviously someone on here has added her as a friend for it to come on as someone i may know.

Just letting you all know

Lisa xxx


  • Tippman?? Sorry I'm lost..... or have a bad memory???
  • Its someone that everyone was a bit weary of on facebook.

    She's got a pic of two gorgeous twins but i remember a few people saying she was saying strange things and if you checked her friends list not one was without a child in the pic.

    I can't proof she is funny but thought i'd warn people that she's back on facebook.

    Someone else might have a better story that had her as a friend.

    Lisa xxx
  • shes natters to me on there sometimes, i ignore it lol,
  • luckily she's not tried adding me but i remembered her from the performance last time.

    As long as you all know to be aware i'm happy. lol

    good luck to you that have her because i've heard she/he can natter like an old lady. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • bubblez its a women or maybe even a man that added a few people off here on facebook but she was coming out with stories that just didn't add up and her friends list is all people with babies so obviously people got a bit weary about her or him. lol

    i didn't have her luckily so don't know as much as some but i'm just going on what i heard.

    Lisa xxx
  • she is basically some woman / man who always chats about how shes miscarried or is preggers again like i say, i ignore it, tried blocking her or deleting but my fb is shite
  • lol sando. Mine isn't exactly the best thing at the moment.

    If she was genuine i would feel so sorry for her with what i heard but the dates she said just don't add up and where are her friends or family without children on her friends list? Baffles me it does. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Shes added me before but I've rejected. Talking of wierdos on FB, a certain B O'N troll added me today, and has her FB profile back again. I rejected it obvs, but be careful ladies.

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