How do you take taxis in London

I am on a trek of a journey and dont want to use the underground to get to paddington to Kings cross.

If it is a black cab can the pushchair be strapped in? if not how the hell am i going to do this????


  • black cabs have wheel chair access i think so you should be fine
  • Book Addison Lee - best cab company in London. They provide car seats for any specified age: 0207 387 8888. God, I sound like I work for them!
  • Depends on how big your pushchairs is? I've wheeled a maclaren stroller into a black cab before with 2 of us in there as well. Paddington to Kings cross isnt to far but I just had a look at the tfl website and it is quite a difficult journey by public transport so I think a black cab is the way to go.

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    just saw secretsquirrels post and yes actually I agree, Addison Lee are the best cab firm, don't know why I didn't think of them - they took us to hospital when I was in Labour and took us home again after

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  • I think you just wheel it in and put the brake on - and then I hold it as well! I've taken a Pliko Pramette and a M&P Joolz in a black cab and that's what I did then!

    Good luck with the marathon journey image

    Em x
  • Yes they have ample space for wheelchairs. I have pushed my Bugaboo into a black cab (I think i had the car seat on it though) and just put the brakes on. I did hold onto it too for good measure. it was fine. good luck!

    Btw if you wanted to save money and time, it's really not difficult to get from Paddington to Kings Cross on the tube - just take the circle or hammersmith & city line - no changes needed.

  • thanks ladies - Jezzy are there many stairs to get to and off the underground?
  • Summer, you will be fine at King's Cross (lifts to all levels) but Paddington is a nightmare, especially since they have changed the Circle line to run on the Hammersmith and City line. There are a lot of stairs, both up and down, to get from the train platform to the tube. It is doable with two people but probably not with one. Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear, but I commuted between Cambridge and Oxford for nearly a year so I know that particular tube journey extremely well!
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