Fao Katie&Mason

Hey hun, how you doing? are you getting all circular around the middle yet? xx


  • bump
    just noticed you were oline x
  • Hiya hun, well I think I am finally over the shock and now know that the tightening feeling in my lower belly is a baby and not wind, lol....

    I was soo ill last weekend that my jeans are all too big now but you can see that little bit of belly sticking out!!!

    Du know even while typing this to you hun it still hasn't really sunk in!!! I just got my letter for my 20 weeks scan.........its only 8 weeks away...arghhhh!!!!

    Hows you hun? Is your little man doing well? x x xx
  • god thats quick isnt it! cant believe you were already 12 weeks at your scan!!! normally that would be a godsend but if you want to let it sink in its a bit scary!!
    we're great ta, cameron is just sat here with a noisy toy thats on repeat and doing my head in!! kids eh!
    yeah i read you'd had a bug, at least your baby is obv thriving...even if you werent!! how is mason?

    are you going to go back to work or just stay off for good? im due back in may, bummer!
  • I def needed more time to let it all sink in but these babies are such a gift and this one definatley wants to be here so just got to count my very lucky stars ( and Richs very fertile thingies!!!)

    I was due back to work on Monday but I won't be entitled to Mat leave (I wasn't last time and havn't paid any NI as was on mat allowance) and need to spend every precious second with Mason now that another one will be here soon so we are lucky enough that we can financially cope....

    Are you going back in May???

    Mason is such a pickle now wish he would sit there with a toy, he is so quick in his walker and has his head in the bin every 2 seconds and when I put him in his ring he just escapes and tries to chew the Wii console!!!!

    There is definatley something in the water with all theses BFPs flying around, your post made me laugh about being paranoid, I didn't post incase I left you some baby dust, lol....
    Are you going to have more?? x x x
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