Bad baby formula?

I was wondering if you of you have ever had or suspected that you had a bad batch of baby formula?

My LO (5 months) has had really bad diarrhea since tuesday evening. I thought it was teething at first but now i'm not so sure. I realised today that the diarrhea started a few hours after opening a new packet of Aptamil Hungry baby milk. I've given him the pre made cartons since 10am and so far he seems to be improving. He was having a dirty nappy almost every hour- it's now been about 4 hours since he's had one.

It just seems odd, if he's better tomorrow i'm going to be so mad at Aptamil! (but happy he's better of course!)

(ps i have spoken to a doctor who told me to keep him hydrated and if it doesn't improve to take him back on monday)


  • we bought a new tin of sma a few weks ago and everytime our lo had a bottle made from that tin she would scream with stomach pains, never before and not with a new tin or cartons just that one, phoned sma and they didn't seem to care just told me to put it in the bin, so i think it is possible.
  • In theory if the bottle is made up correctly with boiled water that's not cooled down too much this should sterilise it, because it isn't sterile. But of course they should be doing everything they can to make sure that the product isn't contaminated. If you think you may have a 'bad batch' you should get in touch with your local authority Environmental health officer who may send it off for testing. That way if it is contaminated the company would have to do a product recall and may benefit other parents. Plus make the company look at their production line to see if they can figure out where the contamination occurred and improve it.
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