Did anyone watch Jeremy Kyle?

Just been sobbing my heart out at Jeremy Kyle, lo's looking at me as though I'm strange! That couple who got over heroin addiction to have a child, and then lost her to cancer at 10months, it just made me realise how lucky I am to have my perfectly healthy and beautiful little boy. And that we shouldn't take them for granted. Them stories were awful (there was a man that had been killed in hit and run, and a woman who lost all four of her sons, one was underweight at birth, one died from cot death, one committed suicide and one was murdered), and I really feel for the people involved, I can't even begin to imagine what they are all going through, I couldn't live without my boy and my oh. I hope all the families get justice for their loved ones.


  • thats awfull. poor people!
  • I did and was the same crying my eyes out it makes you really appriciate what you have, was feeding lo at the time and he just kept looking at me like i was mad lol
    vikki xx
  • Oh yeah i was sat there sobbing esp when that poor woman lost all four of her children...and she said she would never hear anyone call her mum again,so her sons best friend sent her cards on her birthday.Mothers Day and Xmas saying to mum on them!that made me really cry!!!!!!!!!!!!since having my son i cry over everything,take Emmerdale im in tears most times i watch it,but i feel the most sorry for Mel !sorry gone off subject there!Just the thought of anything happening to hurt my baby fills me with dread has it would all parents and no one expects to out live their children!When Benjamin starts going out i will be a wreak,im so hoping this terribble knife culture ect is sorted by then as that will be one less thing to worry about!really scary world out there when you have kids !

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