Wont time was your kids up this morning

My older 2 hoe 7year and 6 year were up at 4 this morning they did not go down stair till 7.00 this morning they were happy as they playing with the presents that were in stockings


  • Kelsie was up at 7.05!! Was lovely to bring her down to all her presents, she was so excited!! She helped to open Jacks as he is only 8 weeks image

    Now getting ready to go to my mum and dads for the day for lovely Christmas dinner!!

    Enjoy your day hon!

  • anne and ryan both got up at the same time at 8am, im so surprised anne stayed in bed till then. she has not stopped playing with her toys all day.
  • Its all so cute! Harry woke up at 4.45am!! but only because silly OH left his phone on LOUD in harry's room and it woke him up when some idiot text him!!! Xxx
  • An early start for you then Carrie...bless them!

    Gabe was up at 7.45. He's 7.5 months so of course didn't know about christmas! Just wanted his bottle lol. But he loved 'opening' the presentsimage got sooo many. x
  • Both of mine were up at 8-30.

    Oldest is 4 and youngest is 4 month. It would have been earlier if it had been anything to do with me but oh trapped me in bed so i couldn't go and wake them up. lol. I get excited too! lol

    Lisa xxx
  • hehe i woke mine iup at 7 i couldnt wait any longer
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