baby biting!

hi, my little girl is 9 months old, and has started biting the top of my arm all of the time, she has 5 teeth and has had no trouble at all with teething, Ive looked up on the internet what do do and the opinion seems to be, to say 'no biting' and then put your baby down. any ideas would be appreciated. x


  • Is she getting a molar? I only ask because a friend's son was exactly the same when his molars were coming through (though not for any of his other teeth) at about the same age. He stopped as soon as they were through, but she did say 'no' and put him down while it was going on.

    Sorry not to be of any more help than that, but at least you aren't alone.
  • I am so glad you posted this! My LO is also 9 months and has bitten me on the top of my arm a few, times, it bruised the last time. I told him firmly 'no' and he giggles. So said it again and he kinda took note (but was in a swimming pool so couldnt put him down)

    I havent asked anyone as I feel a bit embarrassed.....

  • thanks history girl, no ts not a molar she is getting, well as far as i know shes not, i cant see or feel any. its just a worry that she might turn into a child that bites, and i so dont want that to happen. she only does it to me!
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