anyone any experience of induction??

Hi ladies i am just wondering if anyone has been induced before and what your experiences are?i have heard alot of people say its longer and more painful? i have had natural labours with my girls and had very positive experiences.dd1's labour was only 4 hrs and dd2 was under 2 hrs!
the reason i am asking is that i am not sure whether to speak to my consultant about having one this time,please dnt anybody think im being selfish for considering inducing my baby early but the reason is my hubby is in the army so will miss the birth with this lo unless it happens to fall on a weekend when hes home.Dd1 was 5 days late and dd2 was 10 days early so i have no idea when this lo would come so couldnt even guess and ask hubbie to take holiday off.I would not consider asking if i didnt have big babies either,both my girls were almost 9lb so im sure it wnt jeperdize(sp?) babies health.What do u all think?i just dnt want hubbie to miss the birth of this lo and dnt wanna be on my own which i probably would be as my mum would need to watch my other children xxx


  • Hey there.
    I was induced at 12 days over.
    They broke my waters first as they were visible but that didn't work so I had the sintocin (?) drip and was advised to have an epidural with that as it makes contractions more painful. So I did.
    12 hours later and 2 top ups on the epidural, I was whipped in for an emergency c-section under a spinal block as lo was stuck and I was still only 7cm dilated!
    It was a fantastic experience from start to finish tho hun and I barely felt any pain throughout. It was all bearable.
    I can start to imagine what it would have been like if I hadn't have had the epidral though as each time it started to wear off, I was begging for more!!
    I would do it all again with a second labour in an instant if necessary.
  • thanx for the reply hun,iv had some replies from pregnancy forum too that sound very positive.My last 2 labour were only 4 hrs and 1hr 45 and i only had gas and air so i suppose if i decide to ask for induction then i'll have to go into it open minded and expect that it may be different! xx
  • The only thing is if you're induced early and the body isn't ready induction can go on for days.... This is what I was told when I asked about induction as I had spd and was advised the first stage with prostin gel can take several attempts (administered every 12 hrs?) if the cervix isn't favourable

    Oh and when my waters did go and wasn't having contractions, I was booked for induction the next morning.... the on call consultant came to speak to me and advised I had an epidural from the word go, but then the mw looking after me said I wouldn't get an epidural till labour was established at 4cm and the pump would be turned up every 30 mins to allow me to get used to the contractions - so abit contradictory there!!

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  • My induction experience was very positive. Although this was my 1st baby so nothing to compare it to. I had my waters broken after the 2nd tablet had been given. my contractions started immediatly and were not painful (didnt really realise what was going on. 2hours 20 mins later my little one was here. managed to do it with no pain relief (as it was all quite quick!) Before i had my induction i had only ever heard people say they were long and painful, in my experience this was not the case.

    Good luck with the birth.

  • Hi,
    I ve had 3 kids n 2 were induced. Although my waters had broken with dd1 when i was 39+, 1 st labour n was only 4 hours then 2nd induction was for lo3. Waters had broken again only this time i was 33+. Was left till i was 38 wks then labour induced, there was still some waters to get broken and once they popped rest of waters labour only lasted 40 mins. Wasnt anymore painful than my non induced labour. Although labour was maybe brought on quicker as my waters had broken. Inmy experiences they have been quick labours but i guess everyone diff.
    Hope this helps image
  • I was induced. Thankfully it only took 2 attempts with the tablets and my contractions kicked off. My waters were broken at around 5am and then I was hooked up to the syntocin. That was quite painful as they increased the levels but I did survive on gas and air with 1 shot of pethadine. lo was born at 2.19pm after pushing for around 1hr 45mins.

    You are more likely to need intervention and it can take a long time. One girl who was induced the same day as me had been waiting for the tablets for 24 hours as she had to be monitored in the delivery suite as she was classed as high risk, started the tablets at the same time as me on the Sunday, and didn't have her son until late afternoon on the Tuesday!

    I think it's all luck of the draw as to how it goes.

    Good luck with it.
  • Hi I was induced when i was 12days over, i had the gel and my contractions started straight away and within 4 hours i was fully dilated, my waters didnt break though so i had to have them broken, unfortunately i had a very delayed 2nd stage of labour ( 4 ours of pushing!) and ended up with a 3rd degree tear and ended up in surgery to be 'repaired.

    However i am sure this had nuthing to do with the induction and i would have it again, all together my labour was 7 hours'
  • Hiya. I was induced and wouldnt say it was a positive experience for me. I had three lots of prostin gel over a day and a half which managed to give me a show and break my waters although they werent convinced the waters had gone.

    A day later I was taken in to be induced on the syntocin drip. I had contractions pretty much instantly which were really painful. Also you are generally strapped down with monitors so cant be mobile! I had two shots of pethidine over ten hours which took the edge of the pain slightly. I was just being offered an epidural when the midwife gave me and internal and found iwas only 1 and a half cm dilated!!!By that point I was exhausted so i was taken to theatre for an emergency c section as there was no way i would have been able to carry on at tht rate.

    I loved the c section under spinal block and recovered really quickly but i really dont think my Lo wanted to budge!!!

    As you can see from other peoples replies it can be pretty straight foward and sometimes the gel does the trick but the drip is hard work!

    I think you have good reason to ask if that is what you want. Good Luck x
  • i was induced and unfortunately ended up having emergency c section. She had to pulled out with forceps as she was wedged so wold have ended up with intervention either way. i think you have a valid reason to ask for induction and if you want and need your oh there you go for it babe xx

  • Hi, i was induced too. I had 3 lots of prostin gel which didnt work. They managed to break waters and soon after that was taken in to be put on the drip. I was advised to have the epidural which worked great to start off with but then even after the top ups it did nothing for me. I was in labour for 8 hrs but felt the pain for the last 5hrs (didnt feel that long at the time). It only took me 30mins to push lo out.
    I later found out lo was lying sideways (something like that) and thats why i felt everything even though i had the epidural.
    Also, like someone else mentioned i was too, strapped to the monitor which i did not enjoy.
    I wouldnt say i enjoyed it as i have a very low pain threshold. for me it was a negative experience but looking at other posts there are alot of postive posts too so i guess i was a little unlucky :cry:

    I went in on tuesday and lo was born on saturday so from the looks of it it varies from person to person.

    fatema xxx

  • Hi there,
    If you're looking for info about induction, you can also check out the babyexpert feature here too:^/v1
    Web Ed Nicola
  • hey,

    I didn't have a very good experience of being induced. To cut a very long story short, I went in thursday evening and my lo was born sat morning in theatre by 'trial' forceps - I'd been preped for a c-section incase that didn't work. I had to have an epidural when he drip had made my contractions so powerful that I felt the urge to push - I was expected to have got to 10cms by that time but was only 7cms. I still go over and over in my mind about what happened and why. I personally wouldn't choose to be induced again.
  • hey,

    I didn't have a very good experience of being induced. To cut a very long story short, I went in thursday evening and my lo was born sat morning in theatre by 'trial' forceps - I'd been preped for a c-section incase that didn't work. I had to have an epidural when he drip had made my contractions so powerful that I felt the urge to push - I was expected to have got to 10cms by that time but was only 7cms. I still go over and over in my mind about what happened and why. I personally wouldn't choose to be induced again.
  • i was induced with my first, and yes it was a lot more painful than the other two that followed, but it was also my fastest labor only 3 hours 45mins
  • hi everyone,thanx very much for your replies.It seems as though it really is luck of the draw dosent it.I have a while to think about it and zoey ur right hun he may not agree but i think when i explain that i'll be on my own he'll understand.He was trytng to get me to have a section last time cuz he knew hed struggle to remove the stitch but i really wanted natural.Maybe ur right and it may be earlier once the stitch is removed this time,i'll have 2 hope stu can be home for when i go into hospital for that.I really dnt know what 2 do,i just feel so worried that hes gonna miss it and im gonne be stuck at home with grace and holly on my own having this baby!!my mum or stepdad will be looking after girls when i have this one but as they r reps and work all over the country im not sure where they will be so could take a while to get 2 me!sorry i know im rambling now but my last labour was 1hr45mins and only 10 mths ago so if this one is even quicker!!....
  • I was half induced with baby 1- I say half cos when I got to hosp at 10 days overdue was 3cms dilated so had waters broken and was put straight on syntocinon drip. Briefly, this was my experience...

    Waters being broken, didn't hurt.
    Mild contractions for a few hours, barely enough to bother me.(wasn't in established labour at this point)
    Later finding out drip was duff batch not strong enough, so new drip put in...
    Contractions became very strong very quickly, like really awful period pains and sicky feeling. Had gas and air.
    An hour later, ready to push...
    Nearly 2 hours later my baby girl was born after I had episiotomy.
    Length of labour was just under 3 hours and only pain relief g&a.

    I don't think you're selfish for wanting an induction, but I'm not sure they'd give you one unless for medical reason? Because if your body isn't ready could take loads of goes with the pessaries etc to get things going. Really hope you sort something so your oh can be with you for the birth. xxx
  • hia again zoey! im not sure hun he did say when he did it this time that it was difficult to remove last time and now theres scar tissue on my cerviz and it may be even harder this time to remove so not sure what he'll think is best.He removes it at 36 weeks hun usually,not sure id want a section as iv heard itl take a long time to recover and i wnt have stu at home so being on my own with 3 lo's im thinking it would be hard? xxx
  • yea i guess so!! just read back and i meant cervix not cerviz haha!! how r u hun? xx
  • hi hun, i was induced with all 3 of my boys! jack my 1st was the worst but not cos of induction because i was that scared of induction i had an epidural and lost complete control opverthe situation! with my last two i decided not to go down the heavy pain relief route and even though it was quite intense it was very quick! lewis was an hour and max was 3, great compared to jack at 14hours! best thing is not to be frightened and go there with an open mind! its not as bad as you think or anything like you expect! every birth is different yet an induction is a quicker process!! take care xx
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