FAO Gingerlillytea

Hi, i just wanted to say i think your pics are fab (didn't wana reply on the other post as it seems to of diverted off the subject) I love taking photos but sadly have no talent, normally end up chopping the heads off people or just getting a blur. lol.xx


  • I have just had a look at them to hon and was going to post a new topic because I didnt want it to get lost but I think they are absolutely brilliant.

    You have a brill imagination - some of them are really unusual but I lreally ike them!
  • Hi hun, I said it on the other post but will say again, I think they're fab! The fact they provoke feeling in people is proof in itself. A very nice style to them. xxx
  • your photos r beautiful. xxx
  • Glad to see that someone has started this thread. Couldnt / wouldnt reply on the other 1.

    Ur pictures are truely beautiful, they would make a brilliant addition tto any home.

    Keep taking those photos you have a reall talent, dont let anyone else tell u otherwise.

    Beckie (think im gonna have to change my name thanks to others trashing it) n Zacky.
  • Hi Gingerlilleytea

    Just had a look at your photos and they are fab you are really talented!!

  • Ithink your pictures are amazing. Really interesting and different.
  • Oooh, glad I've seen this thread, I was just about to post the same thing- your pics are so funky and beautiful, good luck with selling them, I am sure they will do really well.
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