is it a growth spurt? please advise

For 2 days now my LO's feeding has been all over the place, She used to breast feed every 3 hours during the day off both breasts and I was up once at about 2-3am during the night. Now she is feeding roughly every 2 hours on just 1 breast and refuses the other, then takes the other 2 hours later and so on. She is also sleeping loads wich is not usual. She doesn't have a temperature and when she is awake she is her usual self. Could it be a growth spurt? please advise



  • how old is she???? I have a 6 week old and this is just like mine, she usually feeds every 3 then during growth spurt is it every hour and half to 2 hours this lasts for a couple of days then she calms down. I don't know when growth spurts are but it does sound like it. As for the sleeping I haven't noticed a difference in my lo's pattern but then she doesn't really have one except at night.

  • If I'm right your lo is almost 8 weeks old. There is usually a growth spurt around 6 weeks, so I guess your lo could be having it now, he she didn't have it then? xx mithical and James 6 weeks today.
  • She is nearly eight weeks, we didn't have anything like this at 6 weeks, that when we got into our routine. Her last growth spurt was at 4 weeks.

  • i would say it's probably a growth spurt. the extra sleeping during a growth spurt is also perfectly normal as babies do most of their growing and thought processing in their sleep. ds's last 2 growth spurts had him sleeping 15 hours through the night as opposed to 12 and for the times he was awake he would just feed, feed & feed! xx
  • Sounds like one then. If she had the 3 weekish one at 4 weeks, she's having the 6 week one now. :\) xx
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