Flying with Baby!


Sorry I am actually GC from Pregnancy, but wondering if someone might have been in the same situation....

Basically my friends are organising a holiday to Florida in May next year which we have been invited to. I am due 4th Feb, so baby should be 3 months min by then. Has anyone flown so soon after having a baby??

Naively I am thinking it should be ok, as lo is likely to sleep etc..... but am I being too naive??

Tizwaz 8 +5


  • I haven't been on a long plane journey yet, but I found it grand. We took our lo when she was 7 weeks. As long as u feed lo on take off & landing to help their wee ears u should be fine. Just take plenty to entertain them on the flight & take more milk ( if bottle feeding) as flying dehydrates u. I work for an airline & see so many babies on board, & they allcope really well. so if ur lo is anything like mine who is 3 months now, plenty of entertainment & milk they will be fine.

    Jayne zx
  • thank you!!! very helpful image
  • I flew to texas when my lo was about 4 months. It was actually easier then than it would be now that he's a boisterous toddler. He slept most of the way, and on the way there we managed to book a bassinet for the flight which was a total godsend.
    On the return journey we managed to get a spare seat between me and hubby and lo was small enough to lie down on it and he slept quite well there.
  • We flew twice when lo was 4 months and then 5 months and then again when he was 15 months. At 4 months and 5 months flying really was a breeze - he slept the majority of the time and fed and was easily entertained. At 15 months it was another story :roll: !
  • Yep I agree. Definately easier when they are a baby, especially if you can bag a spare seat between you both.
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