Northern Irish ladies

Hi ladies,

Just incase you were wanting something to watch tonight there's a programme on bbc1 northern Ireland called special deliveries. It's all based on midwives in the ulster hospital. It's on at 10.35pm.

If any other ladies wanted to watch it I think u can get bbc1ni on sky. This is the hospital I had my baby in so really special to me.

J xx


  • Hi, I saw this advertised, I had my wee boy there in feb this year. I really liked it there, had dd in lagan valley nearly 5 years ago, but think I preferred the ulster. Can't wait to see it!
  • Aha, have also just realised who you are... You changed your name, trying to confuse me, not hard lol!
  • Hehe. Yeah decided to change it cause my other name was a bit obvious it was me.
  • I saw the ads for this too but I think my labour is too fresh a memory to watch anything about deliveries! I get really panicky and upset even watching a soap where someone is giving birth!
  • I guess it would lol! Can't wait for this programme, bringing back memories eh!
  • Sorry faith, we posted at the same time. My son was born in feb, so I don't mind watching!
  • Aww faith. I remember that feeling. I gave birth in march & I was so out of it I don't remember most of it lol.

    I hope I maybe see a couple of faces I no on it
  • Lambchop im not sure if you have ever been in the born in march forum but i too gave birth in March in NI, where abouts are you from? i had dd2 in Craigavon. x
  • I'd my 2 in Criagavon too no2bump though have had dealings with Dr Fogarty who I believe is based in Ulster. Off to try get this on iplayer image
  • Hi mummychop, I was under dr Glenn in the ulster, but he works with dr fogarty. I really liked both of them. Dr Glenn also delivered my dd by forceps in the lagan valley nearly 5 years ago. He had to be paged in, and the police followed him as he was speeding! Talk about drama lol
  • Hey no2bump. I'm based in Belfast. I was due at beginning of April so mostly spend my time in bia. I changed my user name from junglejayne so u mite no me.

    Mummychop if u can't find it on iplayer it's on for next 4 weeks too.

    I think I had dr hill in the ulster but never saw him!

  • Lambchop, thanks for posting this! I completely missed this and have just watched in on iPlayer image

    I had both of mine there, just wish second time round my midwife had been as reliant on mummies' instincts as the ones they showed - she kept telling me I wasn't far enough along to push even though I couldn't stop myself - cow!

    Thanks again xx
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