food at 6 months? advice plzz

hi, jayden been on puree food since 16 weeks, took him hv today and she told me to give him lumpyer food, she said try him with a potato with a bit of cheese, so anyway tryed and he kept gaging and coughing on it, so ended up with puree again. hv said if i delay giving him lumper food it may be very hard to get him to take to it.

what foods shall i give him any ideas? thanks girls xxx


  • My HV told me a similar thing (Gabe 6 months & still on purees).

    The other day I pureed chicken for him and it came out really lumpy. I added some other cubes of veg and mushed it up a bit more but it was still all 'bitty'. Was determined not to waste my chicken so I gave it him and he was OK with it but I don't think he would manage actual lumps yet. Just introduce it slowly and he should be fine. start by mashing the food really really well (so it is basically just a bit lumpier than puree) and just mash it less and less after that.
  • i just puree it a bit less so there are a few lil lumps in it, evie is fine with just the odd lump but i tried one of the jars and she took ages to eat it coz she was managing to eat the sauce and spit the lumps
    most veg cooked soft and mashed is easy to manage. xx
  • This must be a new bit of advice that all health visitors are dishing out! I took Evie today and hv said I should be giving her lumpy food now. But Lily didn't have lumps in hers til she was about 7-8months and she eats everything now with no probs. I'm going to try Evie with mashed up cauliflower cheese tomorrow so will see how she gets on!

  • I don't know if this helps but Neve had all sorts of trouble with lumps, in the end I found that I could increase the lumps as long as the food was still very wet so it slipped down easier - very small pasta pieces were good as they were soft.

    I had to take it very slowly as she gagged on everything but at 10 months she can happily much through a baked potato, with green beans on the side as finger food - don't panic if they gag because it will frighten them and don't let your hv make you go faster than you are ready to go, you really do know whats best for your own baby.
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