i want a jumperoo!!

why oh why do they have to be soooo expensive?its more like a christmas present than an everyday present but phoebe will 7months by the time christmas comes around!grrrrrrrr!!can you get them cheap anywhere at the moment?iv been through ebay looking for local pickup ones and there are none near me!x


  • I know Sophie, I begrudgingly paid ??80 for one last week (had a 10% off voucher for mothercare) still had money in ryan's account that my grandparents had given him so....
    They do resell for around ??50 sawond hand so only ??30 lost if you're lucky? x
  • have you tried net mums?

    an alternative could be an activity station they are cheaper, my friends LO has one and its great x
  • could you buy it as an early christmas present? i have had to buy quite a few big toys and things throughout the year as my LO is born in december (bad planning) so for christmas he will just be getting a few little things as he is too young to think father christmas is a bit stingey!!!
  • I've been having the same problem - I just can't justify that sort of spend and they seem to hold their price reasonably well - there are none on ebay near us either as most are for pick up image I've been looking at activity stations instead as these are much cheaper - haven't settled on one yet though (lo is 14 weeks so a few weeks before she'd really be comfortable in it anyway),
  • Keep Trying with E-Bay, I have been looking for a couple of weeks and one finally came up, got it for ??55, in my area, still a lot of money but i intend to re-sell after LO has finished with it.
  • Sometimes Argos have offers on jumperoos - recently they were selling them for ??67. I got mine for my ds for ??75 from Amazon. I know they're expensive but my lo goes in it twice a day and really enjoys himself, and I justified it by telling myself that any future siblings will use it, or other future babies in the family. Or I could sell it on ebay as they hold their value well.
    Soooo annoying though, being so expensive!!
  • I got the Fisher price rainforest one and it is brilliant. I got it for ??51 local pick up on ebay.
    Just keep your eyes open and save a search on ebay to save some pennies. Sign up for emails on mothercare and they will send you codes for discounts too.
  • Do, you have any tesco clubcard vouchers??? I doubled ??45 last week and got the precious planet one, LO is 7 months this week but will hopefully still get lots of use from it!! I too couldn't justify spending ??90 on it a few months ago!!
  • look for pricematch offers and discount codes- I got mine from Mothercare for ??54 (price matched a discounted Argos one and they were offering 15% off toys which they did on top)
  • my little boy is not even 6 weeks and I've already decided that will be his xmas pressie!!! I want a go in one they look fab!! x
  • where do you live? I am just about to put mine on ebay - oh and it was so worth the money - toby has exceeded the weight limit so wasnt in it for long but still worth every penny x
  • I also want one but really can't justify how expensive it is so I'm keeping an I out on e bay if anyone knows of one going in cornwall pls let me no x
  • hi lammy cutie of original op isnt from devon then would you be interested. Where are you in cornwall - i am in Newton Abbot - oh and its 5 months old and looks brand new even though toby has used it pretty much every day since the day we bought it.
  • I've just bought one from EBay and it may have put me off 2nd hand purchases for life! Caked with food and muck and stinking! Oh dear! Wish I'd waited for someone on here near me to sell one - feel I could trust you ladies to actually clean things!!!! New for me I think...although I may have to get a loan first!!!
  • oh no muffin mummy - i hope once you have cleaned it up that lo loves it x
  • I'm also selling one - I'm in Poole, Dorset, if that's near any of you looking for one xxx
  • Hey summer ide be very interested I'm in liskeard which is very close to plymouth so not far from devon email me info if the op isn't interested thankyou x
  • i would be happy to drive to the sainsburys at plymouth if that helps?
  • i would be happy to drive to the sainsburys at plymouth if that helps?
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