Cord Blood Donation

I want to know everyones opinion on cbd as it is so controvertial and im not suse what to think.:\?


  • I didn't have the option to but I would've done quite happily.

  • I did, but only because I asked about it. I don't think they ask as standard. S x
  • i think that it is very useful in a lot of cases - stem cell research has already proven to be life saving, and in some ways i dont think it is any different to blood donation from adults! - if it can save a life......!

    as far as i am aware, the places that offer it are few and far between - the only people i have known do it have paid for it themselves, and we were not allowed to collect it for them - we could "guide" them only! - this was all due to the legal implications etc etc!!!

    decades ago, blood donation was a n-no, yet look how useful that has become! once a baby is born, the cord has no use otherwise, so why not?!
  • Ollier2001 am i right in thinking then you cannot donate on NHS or do some trusts offer this service. We are gonna try again very soon and wandered about this i'd like to do it, I won't be having this one at the same hospital it'll be a much bigger hosp but was hoping we could do this ?
  • I signed up to donate mine. I also can't see the disadvantages in it and there's the potential to save someone's life. However only certain hospitals in our area organise cord blood donation and at the hospital I went to they don't collect on a Fri or Sat. Guess what, my LO was born on a Fri - I was v disappointed that there wasn't a collection that day.
  • Is Cord Blood Donation the same as Stem Cell Collection?

    My hubby really wants to do Stem Cell Collection when our baby is born. He feels very strongly about it as his Mum had a variety of Cancers for 17yrs of her life. We found out last night that our local hospital (Frimley Park in Surrey) does not let you do this and he is really quite upset.

    If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it!

    And sorry to gatecrash again!!!

    Joo xxx
  • it is different from Trust to Trust -ours (4 hospitals, approx 10,000 deliveries a year) doesn't offer it, but it could be that some of the larger teaching hospitals do offer it.

    it could also be offered if the Trust is taking part in research.

    Cord Blood collection can be done for a number of things - we take it all the time to look at the cord gases (if it has been a difficult delivery / fetal distress etc), and also to see what blood group the baby is if mum is Rhesus negative.

    i should imagine that the bulk of this topic would be looking at Stem cell Collection, as it has been discovered that the regeneration of these cells helps with a lot of illnesses - muscular degeneration has been helped etc etc.

    i've only seen it done twice - one was the couple i mentioned before that wanted it done - they paid for it, and i think it was something along the line of ??200 for the kit, but storage for 25yrs was about ??1000 (please dont quote me on that!!). the cells -at present -are deemed useless after 25yrs.
    they did it as they were a mixed race family - they felt that the chances of getting a suitable match would have been very limited.

    the other sample was done on the NHS to a family that had a very poorly older child, who didnt have a match in the family, so Stem Cell Collection was agreed by the Trust - i dont know if it was a match, but i do hope so!

    Joo, i'm really sorry, as i'd have no idea where to direct you to if you wanted it doing - maybe look on the Internet, and then investigate the company?
  • Hi Joo again - have a look at the following website to give you an idea - it is like blood donation for adults tho, not keeping it for yourself.

    otherwise do a search for Stem cell Collection.......
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