any advice re sleeping

Hi Ladies,

My Lo is exactly 6 weeks old today.

We have a good bedtime routine where he will have a bath, feed and goes down straight away. He will then sleep from between 3 and 5 hours straight which is really good. However when he wakes for his feed, he will feed for an hour, which is fine and will fall asleep, but as soon as i place him in his moses basket he will start making noises like he has trapped wind and a lot of straining. The last couple of nights this has actually woken him up, and he has not settled back down at all, and will only sleep on me.
has any one experianced this and got any advice?? thanks



  • it might be that he does have wind, have you tried propping up the basket so its at a slight angle, we ended up getting a matteress wedge that helped us x
  • We had this, we tried everything, propping LO up, winding for an hour after, gripe water. Then all of a sudden she stopped, she was around 10 weeks. It seemed to co-incide with her sleeping longer in the night. It does get better, I posted the same question around 6 weeks ago. Good luck

    Kelly x
  • thank you!! i may try dentinox before i feed him in the middle of the night, but find it hard to do so with the syringe!!

    will have to try and sleep with the noises !!
  • hi hun,

    I found infacol much easier to use it has a dropper instead of a syringe. We are using this and gripe water to help combat emily's wind issues. We also use a dummy at bedtime to help her get to sleep.

    good luck!

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