what kinda baby do u have??

hi millie is 11 weeks ( ahh nearly 3 months already!!) she sleeps well through the night goes down after her bath between 7-8 ( i put her down awake and just put her mobile on) and she will put herself to sleep. she only wakes once in the night normally between 4- 6 then will go back to sleep til 8ish, she has never got up before 8 so i guess i am lucky! in the day she normally has a hour morning nap and then 2-4 hours in the afternoon( when i take her out in pram) and normally an hour in the evening. BUT if she does not take her naps ( somtimes will not sleep!) she just moans and whinges and is sooo grumpy! so i just have to take her out in the pram! and sometimes she still doesnt sleep! but she hardly ever crys only moans lol she never had colic or bad wind. she needs a lot of attention!!! she gets bored so easliy i have to play with her all the time! she loves u to sing to her! she is def not one of them babies that will just sit happily on their own watching u for long time. she'll play on her own for a bit but it doesnt last long! i have put her in her door bouncer for 5 mins a day as shes still a bit small for it but she loves it!! she seems to love being on her feet! i think she will be alot better when she can actually play properly like in her door bouncer and ufo and stuff like that. she loves to sit up and sit on the sofa. i do find it hard finding ways of entertaining her!! i will be taking her to baby groups and swimming after xmas though so that will take more of our days up! xxxx


  • Aww she sounds like such a little princess!

    Gabe is 6 months and is a very laid back boy, he rarely cries, is not very demanding and is happiest observing everything around him. He doesn't roll over or go on his feet, but he is trying to sit unaided...did today for 6 seconds so won't be long.

    Having said that he LOVES attention - just loves it - and gives huge grins to whoever comes to coo over him!

    He also sleeps through 8-8 at the moment so I am blessed lol.

    He didn't used to be a cuddly baby when he was little and he much preferred to be on his play mat (which he still loves) but now he will happily be snuggled all day, he loves it! He also loves his milk and food. xx
  • well, i sometimes call evie shirly bassy,lol coz she can be a bit of a diva image
    she has always slept through the night but not good at day naps, she totally adores her eldest brother and will happily sit and watch his face while i make dinner and stuff. she is always full of smiles in the mornings.
    i can definately see her demanding only pink smarties and fresh flowers in her room though,lol
  • Hello
    Freya is now 13 months old and was also a good baby. By 7 weeks Freya was sleeping from 9ish-5ish-10ish. She would happily entertain herself but to be honest if she wasn't feeding she was sleeping till she was about 4 months. Now on the other hand she wants my attention all the time and very reciently has become a night mare to put to bed. But we will work through it, LoL

    I can't grumble though as she is a loverly baby and well behaved. People tell me she is a credit to us so she makes me very proud!!

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • yes millie use to lay for up to 2 hours on her mat! now she'll just get bored so quick! she also seems to get frustrated alot! she is trying soooo hard to roll over and is almost there!! she just needs to push a little more im sure she will be doing it by next week! she also trys to sit up from laying down which she obvioulsy cant do lol then her arms and legs go mad and she gets in a twist haha, she had a strop on her playmat otherday wasnt crying but she was making funny noises and hitting her toys like mad!!
  • haha i have just seen the other post i didnt know it was u zoe!!lol love the name though and the pic hehe
  • Aoife's a good baby too. At 15 weeks she now has her first tooth and is cutting her second, apart from being a little bit more whingey than normal she has taken it all in her stride. She goes down in her cot awake at around 8pm and I turn all the lights off and she goes off to sleep on her own and sleeps through until 7am. She does tend to get bored quite quickly during the day so I have to keep moving her between her mat and bouncer and changing the toys she has! I guess I wouldn't mind if she slept a little later some mornings but that's just nit picking! :0)
  • Tyler has taken to waking at 5am! :roll:
  • jayden whos 25 weeks, is the oppersite to all ur little darlings!! lol he can put himself to sleep, he goes down at 9ish and wakes at 5-6! thats with a bottle in the night!!or even 2 like last night! also he wakes loads of times for his dummy! so anoying! lol.

    in the day he is so active he can roll everywhere and now sit, he can almost crawl goes on the bottom of his feet and palms of hands and rocks,, and sometimes gets mad and trys to chuck hisself forward..
    one minite he can be all smiles and laughs the next he screams and i mean screams if hes hugary,bored,tired,or 4 no reason at all. he had bad colic also when he was younger, he has 1 tooth now, and he makes sure we all know it.
    but i wouldent change the way he is 4 the world its his personality, well maybe ill just change his sleeping. lolxxx

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