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Anyone got a Hauck Malibu?

Hi All,

Im looking for a light weight buggy for my 1 year old that folds up nice and compact, one I can keep in the car. We already have a Quinny Buzz which is fab and lovely and comfy for him but abit of a pain for just nipping into town.

I really like the Hauck Malibu but Im not sure how light and compact it is. Does anyone have one ? Would love some opinions,


Claire xx


  • I have the hauck Capri which is similar, but is lighter & folds up smaller. I love it!!! I don't feel the bumps in the roads while walking. It's very big seat wise & it will fit my lo for years. The basket is a good size & easily accessible in comparison to other buggy's. It doesn't come with a rain cover but I bought a koo-di packit rain cover which fits perfect & folds up really tiny. I couldn't decide between the Capri & malibu, but the adjustable handles & smaller folded up size sold the Capri to me.

    Jayne xx
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