Dream feed again?

Morning mums and bubs!

Oscar's still not particularly interested in eating at the moment, which has the unfortunate side effect of him waking in the night again. He's not interested in the bottle when he wakes, he just wants to moan or chat, doesn't even really cry. Last night he was up for 2 hours from 1.30, up again at 4.30, 5.30 then again at 6 when i bought him into bed with us just to try and get some sleep! I'm bloomin shattered!

He used to have a dream feed to help him sleep through but we dropped it about 7 weeks ago, but I'm wondering whether to bring it back while he's not feeding well. I just don't want him becoming reliant on it again as it's a pain for us to do tbh.

So, what would you do?

Thanks for any advice! Jem x


  • When he wakes in the night are you just leaving him or are you going to pick him up? As he's not crying maybe if you just leave him he'll get the idea and go back to sleep? We did this with my lo (also an Oscar - good nameimage ) and he soon got the idea!

    We do still give him a dream feed at 11pm each night but now he's on two solid meals a day we're dropping it by an ounce every few nights in the hope that he wont need it any more! I know a dream feed can be a pain, having to stay up every night to give it to them - but i'd rather stay up then get a solid nights sleep than a broken one if you see what i mean? xx
  • Thanks for the reply hon! We do go to him but leave it a little while. Sometimes he gets the message and drifts back off, sometimes he's quite adamant he wants company and starts shouting and kicking and rolling around so we go to him then, but just to put the dummy in.

    Have just got back from the docs though as he seems to have picked up a very mild version of the bug that's going round so that could be a reason he's waking. Have been told to feed him little and often and he may take more overall. So i'm going to try that and not the dream feed to see how it goes!

    Oh, and i have no problems really with the dream feed (my hubby gets in late from work so he always did it) it's just that i know he can go 11-12 hours without it so didn't want to take a step back, if you know what i mean. And as he's sick there's no guarantee it'd work anyway
  • hey,

    how old is he?

    when you say he's not interested in eating, what sorts of foods is he having?
  • He's 20 weeks and only on milk. Was having veg puree but stopped it when he dropped to 16oz of milk a day as milk's the best for him atm. Will start them again when he gets his milk back up to the 28-32oz he was taking.
  • Hi, sorry i have no advice and am taking this slightly off track.
    When it came to feeding Amara seems to be doing what Oscar is doing. We started on puree but the problem was hated it and would cry at the sight of it and her milk intake also dropped to around 16-18ozs. today i have decided to stop the puree for now till she takes up her milk intake. Amara used to sleep through the night too and now she will wake not to feed but to play.
    Just wanted to say you're not alone but if you find a solution then please share as its getting me down image
    Once again, sorry for butting in.

    fatema xxx
  • hi fatema, long time no see, as it were!

    Unfortunately Oscar loves his puree, so I don't have a huge amount of advice except to leave the puree for a while and focus on milk. I've started offering a 5oz bottle every 2 hours and he has started taking more, which may be worth trying. Once he's well again I'll be offering food or water again at these intervals so it shouldn't have a long term negative effect. Touch wood anyway! Could Amara have caught the same bug perhaps? Oscar's only got it mildly, just off his food and a little diarrhoea, and so is happy within himself, which is why I didn't think he was poorly.

    Fingers crossed we both have a good night anyway!
  • It has been awhile. I dont seem to get the chance to come on as often anymore so i catch up but dont get to post.
    I'm not sure about the bug as she's her usual happy self and no other problems and she was always a struggle to feed (i post awhile ago, dont know if you remember).
    Back then hv said if she was happy and gaining weight then thats fine as some babies have small appetite but know its really getting to me. She hated the puree so kinda afraid to start that again but will deal with it once she picks up on the milk.
    I'm going to see the hv on weds and at the same time see a doctor and see what they say.
  • I do remember your post now! Well, I hope you manage to get some answers from the doc at any rate. When you start again would you be better off starting with baby rice which just tastes like the milk she's familiar with then gradually mix in a little bit of puree, increasing the amounts as she gets used to it? Unless of course that is how you started!

    Aside from the feeding problems, I hope you're enjoying mummyhood! Going to try and get the October forum up and running again soon (tink's idea not mine, clever tink) so hopefully we'll be able to catch up with everyone! Amara will always be an October baby to us! I am right in thinking she made you wait till November aren't I? X
  • Lol, you're right.She came on 1st Nov. I'm loving every second of it and still cant believe I'm a mummy, lol.
    Good idea on getting October forum back up, Tink was the brains of the October crowd, lol.

    Yes, i did start Amara off with baby rice, tried cereals, veg puree. Seems as though she hates 'her' foods as she opens up wide when we're eating, lol.

    I hope you're enjoying motherhood as much as i am.
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