Hi GIrls,

I am hoping that one of you lovely ladies will beable to help me because my 1yr old son has been inconsolable since we lost his bunny yesterday. It is a small blue GAP bunny which was given to us last year when he was born and GAP no longer sell them. We have been dreading this day and in the last month been round to at least 10 different GAP stores, none of which had any left and all said that they are no longer in circulation.

He won`t sleep without him and he is totally devastated and so am I! When we got out of our car yesterday he had him in his hand (came from nursery) and when we went find him to go to bed last night he wasn`t there and despite searching the road we can only think that somebody has picked him up, not knowing how much he meant to my son!

If anybody has one of these who would not be missed and guaranteed to be loved more than any other bunny in the world, we would all be so so grateful (Also very happy to pay for the bunny!)

I am hoping to add a picture underneath but my history with posting pics on here is pretty bad so it might take a few goes.

Thankyou in advance,

A worried and desperate Mummy, Sarahxxxxx


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