Do breastfed babies need water?

Just as the title says really!
Just wondering cos of the hot weather at the moment... My mum was saying today that she gave me water when it was hot and I was BF, but midwife in antenatal class said not to?????



  • Nope! Your Breast milk will change and become thinner to quench baby's thirst. Just be aware that your lo may feed more often in this weather as they're more thirsty as oppose to hungry.

    Love NN and OIyvia xxx
  • No, if you are exclusively breastfeeding your LO doesn't need anything else.

    My mum was always saying I should be giving Ben water and she felt sorry for him in the heat! I guess they were given different advice when we were little.
  • As above, you don't need to offer water if you're exclusively breastfeeding. Our ds is a May baby (he's just turned 1) and when it was hot last summer he did feed ALOT! x
  • Agreed No water required at all, Breastmilk is amazing!!
    It changes totally when its hot and becomes a thirst quecher, offer every hr if you are concerned re dehydration,my Ds was just born this time last year and it was mega hot, he was stuck to my (.)(.) for days and i thought im neva gonna leave the house EVER! But once it cooled down he was fine,
    All water will do is fill up your babys tummy and screw up you feeding/supply.
    well done with the breastfeeding x x
  • Thanks, I did think the midwife was right!! Think the advice was just sooo different in the 80's! Will stick to the BF xx
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