Colief drops

As reccommended on another post re colic I went today and got some colief drops but was wondering if any of you have any tips on what to do at night with these.

The packet suggets to put the drops in the milk and wait 1/2 hour how did you work this without being up haf the night??


  • Thanks for the reply Mrs Amanda- I had a look through old posts but couldn't see any to do with Colief.

    My routine day and night is this-

    I sterilise my bottles and add 2 ozs boiled cooled water to each and leave on the side, when lo is ready to feed I just add 2 more ozs of boiling water and 4 scoops of powder, this way the milk is warm and theres no waiting around.

    I just don't know how wer going to work these drops at night when you have to wait 30mins- she will scream the house down!!
  • Thanks so much for your replies Mrs Amanda- no one else seems to reply to my posts for some reason- maybe I smell ...............image
  • Only reading this now. It is very hard doing the half hour thing. On reading previous post I now make the bottles up in advance and store in fridge- two drops and reheat. Re other post Ella is on number two teat of the TTCTN bottles as she was on the thicker Easy Digest Milk for a while - however I have chenaged her back to Aptamiil ! but kept 2 teat. Laoise the other twin is still on number 1. Both of them are slow feeders. Hard to know what to do isn't it. I am sorry I did not stick to my Dr Brown Bottles that I had with no.1. It is disappointing when noone replies xx.
  • Hi we use colief too- aren't they a God send! Though really awkward as I'm breastfeeding! I always have expressed milk in fridge and when Lorelei wants fed I put drops in bottle with little milk and give after I feed her like a little chaser or dessert lol.
    You could make up the bottles and separate a half oz into another bottle with the drops and give after main feed. I know it means having extra bottle to clean but also means less waiting around.
    That said, theres been times I just gave her the drops straightaway and I've not noticed a difference- still worked image
    Do you get yours on prescription? I'd been paying a tenner a pop for the bottle which lasts a week max but chanced my arm and asked GP for it and now I just order repeat every week- makes a difference!

    Rosa x
  • MrsAmanda where do you buy the colief from? My friend used these for her baby and got it from boots, however the manager spoke to her as she was buy some every week and offered her some "short date" bottles at half price!!!! They still had a couple of months left on them. Worth an ask if you can't get them on presciption. xxx
  • Thanks for all the replies ladies- I was starting to get a bit paranoid that I had said something offensive coz any time I posted no one seemed to reply!! It could be that ppl are a bit wary coz they don't recognise my username but I am on here all the time I just don't post that often (tho seem to be all the time now!!) I tend to look at old posts as I don't want to be asking q's that are always being asked.

    We had a much better night last night- even tho we only used colief in 2 bottles- I think I will start to make up two feeds in advance and think we are sticking to the no. 2 teeats.

    Must go Evie is SCREAMING!!!
    Anyway thanks again.
  • My doctor wouldn't give me a prescription either! Not fair! It's so expensive. But does work, fantastic stuff! Anyway, at night I just warm up a bottle and put the drops in and give it to little man straight away. Still works! My friend does the same!
  • I think thats ridiculous that your dr won't give you a script- you are entitled to it. I would ring back and ask to speak to the dr and tell him/her that you have been buying it and it has been helping and ask again for a script- honestly sometimes they treat you like its costing them personally.

    I would then ask citizens advice coz I defo don't think you should be out all that money
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