going to view a nursery tomorrow, what do i need to ask?

i am totally clueless and really aprehensive about leaving him with anyone, any ideas about good questions to ask x


  • There was a similar post a while back so I copied the answers for future reference image

    I've a friend who works in the child care industry who kindly provided a list of questions for us, I thought they maybe of use to you.
    1. Can I see the most recent OFSTED report. (they should be happy to show you and good or outstanding is fine, I'd be weary of anywhere that only has satisfactory)
    2. Do you use the EYFS in planning? (this is the early years foundation stage, its been in place since 2008 and is a much better way of learning in nursery. It removes all the curriculum shit for babies and young children and focuses on play, nurturing and letting children learn through fun! All nurseries should be using this by now...babies don't need learning targets like old style nurseries use!)
    3.How do you report back what my child has done each day? (you should get a least a daily report covering nap times, feeds, play etc)
    4. Do you have a key worker system? (good nurseries will have key workers or family groups, this gives Samuel a key person who will be your main contact and do all of his learning journals, observations etc. The longer they have the same key worker the better.)
    5. What is your staff turnover like? (The biggest thing for a baby in nursery is consistency, so important for them to settle. If they use a lot of agency staff its not good! Good nurseries keep staff for years)
    6. How do you ensure only people I choose pick my child up? (they should have a system in place where you make a list of who you will let pick him up, alot of good nurseries ask you to pick a password so say if Kez picked him up, she could only take him if you phone to say she will and she tells them the password when she gets there)
    7. Look at security, know it sounds over the top but make sure there is a buzzer system and secure gates.
    8. Can I see the outdoor space? ( major important that they have this and use it! its great if they have freeflow as they get older so kids can choose to play in or outside)
    9. Ask how long the babies are in the baby room, I don't think they should be in there any older than 18 months or at maximum age 2. This is because in baby room they do much less activity and by 18 mths they need much more stimulation to develop well...baby room too boring!
    10. Do you have parents evenings (even for babies its a good idea as you don't get chance to talk much when drop off and pick up)
    11. Do you accept NEF (nursery education funding) for 3 year olds? (This is the 15 hours, soon to be 18 hours a week, all children are entitle to for free. This is from the first term after their third birthday. Its your right to get it for free and it would be a shame to move him at 3, its only the money grabbing ones who don't accept this funding as its guaranteed money and you can top it up by paying yourself)
    12. What would be a daily routine for my child?
    13. What is your policy on settling in? ( A good policy is a meeting with you, finding all about Sam, then a session or two where you stay with him and then a gradual increase in hours)
    14. Do you provide food and nappies? If so what brands do you use? ( I have known nurseries to use shit cheap nappies etc to cut costs!!)


  • I had a massive list of questions like that when I went to look at Flynn's nursery. Even though I work in a nursery myself, you never know what they do differently, so it's always best to check every little thing. I did find that they answered almost all of them just as they were showing me round anyway!
  • The only other thing I would add is how are the children disciplined, time out etc etc I appreciate you lo is too small for this but if they stay as they grow this will apply and you want to make sure that it is something that you are in agreement with xxand are you informed if another child hits out at your child even if a mark is not left xx
  • I found they answered a lot of the questions on the way round as well. Also we had a 'handout', that had a lot of the info in it. xx
  • I asked lots of questions when I went and in the end I went with the nursery that I got the best 'vibe' from. The nursery that Hugo is going to go to has a really small outside space lalmost non existent) which I had serious doubts about, but for me the 'feel' of the place and the workers there more than makes up for it.

    Good luck. I was really emotional the first time I went and checked out a nursery - it took me by surprise! But I'm happy with my decision

    Peeptoe and Hugo (7.5 months)
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