Bit of a strange question!

Does anyone else feel more fertile now they've had a baby?

I suffered with PCOS after coming off the pill when ttc Charlotte. I had very erratic cycles and never knew when ovulating as CM was sometimes just not there!

However as luck goes I finally got pg and since having Charlotte my cycles are back to normal - Hooray.

Thing is now I have a 30 day cycle and now I have loads of CM during my cycle and sort of feel really fertile almost like if I even looked at oh I'd get pg. Also I'm ovulating now (can tell cos of CM) and have started to feel really - ahem - sexy! Oh & I had prob best sex ever last nite after having Charlotte!!!! Sorry if TMI?!!

We don't want another one just yet but I'm hoping with all this happening it wont take us about 15 months this time!


  • your post really made me giggle! I did feel the same until we started TTC no2 and had no success for 9months!! I think we always feel a bit more fruity around ov because of hormones and things! It's great news that your cycles are better now, mine are too. It does make ttc a bit more easy as you can predict ov days and af days more easily!
  • They say that due to the rise in hormones that you are most fertile in the 12 months after having a baby, its worked for me so far, i fell when twins were 8 months, now baby is 6 months and we are ttc fourth and final, who knows we cld be in the november forum together


    Ps I think sex is better too (and thats another reason i wld never go back on the pill)
  • Yeah I also weigh a stone less than before ttc as the pcos made me put on weight and I'm sure that's helped my cycles too.

    Glad I made you giggle xxx
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