Has anyone heard of this ? and can anyone help me please!

Hi ladies

My LO has now not slept properly for 4 nights - i now prop my eyes open with matchsticks lol!

I took her to the doctors this morning because she has been coughing and pulling her ears so wanted them checking - all clear.

The only other explanaton to her waking up screaming every 1 - 1 1/2 hours in the night is he said when teething they can get stomach cramps.

Has anyone else heard of this and what can i do about it ?????

Any suggestions welcome



  • Thanks Zoey

    I have had them before but ran out i'll pop out for some later

  • I would say that as well as the Ashtons powders also try Anbesol - it's a liquid you rub on the gums and it numbs them for a short time - it's great!
    I haven't heard of tummy cramps when teething but then again, I'm not a doctor! It's amazing what teething can affect though so I guess it's possible - perhaps a little calpol or nurofen before going to bed may help with any tummy cramps while the teethng is particularly bad.
  • Hi Donna& Poppy

    I currently use the Anbesol liquid - Just reminded me i need to get some more today.

    Just feel like i am dosing her up all the time

    Thanks again

  • Ashton & Parsons teething powders like the other mum's said.
  • hey,

    I agree Ashton & parsons are great!!

    Or is it time for a growth spurt?.....................
  • Loopy Loo

    Noooo don't say that - I can't cope with another growth spurt lol!!!

    Am popping iinto the clinic this afternoon so will ask HV and see what they say.

    Seriously does anyone know if it could be a growth spurt ?? she is easting and BF loads lately now i think about it image

  • i just used frozen bananas and teething gel with my older two and will be doing the same with charlie x
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