Im just wondering when teeth start to bother babies?

Frankie will be 11 weeks this week. The last few days she has been dribbling a lot and chewing on her hand. I even found her chewing on the wrong side of her dummy earlier!! When she was on her change mat i tried to have a look in her mouth but as soon as i touched it she started crying. A proper in pain cry!! I thought teeth didnt start to bother them until they were about 6 months.

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  • they can start anytime hun, some babies are born with teeth! sounds like she is suffering, JJ is the same, he loves it when i wash my hands in freezing cold water and rub his gums with my little finger cuz its sooo cold lol x
  • Hey, Alfie has been dribbling and chewing anything since 10-12 weeks and we've yet to see an actual tooth! Some blood and lots of fuss with feeding but am sure they'll appear eventually. Did buy teething dummies, round things to chew on and they were good as he got older but when he was very young he couldn't really keep them in his mouth! So he just chewed on my freshly washed hands or a muslin. Good luck x
  • cam has had teething symptoms since about 10 weeks his 2 bottom teeth have come through over past few weeks, he's 6 months now. the teeth are growing under their gums so it still hurts em. bongela works a treat..especially if they are fussing with their bottles rub a bit on cos it may be her teeth bothering her.
    oh and prepare for a whole heap of drool!! hehe
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