Babies and temper??

Hi Ladies,

Im just wondering really if babies of a young age can have a real temper.
My 9 month old DS has developed a real angry aounding shriek. Hehad gotten ahold of the vicks vapour rub jar and was proceeding to try and eat it when i said 'ta' and took it off him. he reacted by giving the loudest shriek I have ever heard and pouting!

I just wonder how is best to deal with such temper at such a young age? Should Iignore or calmy say 'no' ? Any advice appreiciated



  • Hi Hun
    Oh YES! DD has been throwing proper wobblers when i take something off she's not meant to have (wires, remotes, cat biscuits lol) so yep, i believe so. I think it's just their way of showing their frustrations as they can't communicate in any other way. I just say "No", move her away and distract her with something she CAN have lol xx
  • My LO is the same. She throws awful tantrums. Shes just turned a year old last week and her strops are nasty. Luckilly I've managed to calm them down recently by doing what Kelly77 does, and distract her with something she can have ie one of her books, a toy etc.,.. x
  • My son has been chucking tantrums for about 2 months (he is now 8 months) - e.g. banging his fists on his high chair or his own legs and screaming out. I too use the distraction technique and if he has something he isnt allowed (e.g plastic nappy bags!) then I swap it with something else. I also use a firm No but using this word is something tht bugs me as its one Id prefer he didnt learn to use in that manner! So if I can catch myself in time I say something positive instead "here, this is much safer for you to play with.."
  • how would you want someone to respond if they took something away from you which you wanted and you protested? Perhaps explain why he cant have it and tell him you want to keep him safe. I know that they wont understand all the words but he will understand you tone of voice and you will feel better having acknowledged that you have done something he doesnt like but with good reason.

    Em x
  • Hi ladies,

    Thanks for all the advice, it is reassuring to know I just havent got a little strop monster on my hands lol!
    Like sims I am a little wary of over use of the word 'NO' as I have been trying to aswsociate it with danger rather than cant have ie/ fireplace/ plug sockets etc.

    I will try the distraction technique and hopefully it works. Think he is going through a phase as last night he wailed ( a lazy wail - didnt even bother to open his eyes) through the night. He stopped when ever we picked him up but continued when he was put back down, still without opening his eyes. ventually I brought him into bed with us, naughty I know, and guess what, he was fine, simply wanterd cuddles.

    Think he has me wrapped around his little finger lol! xx
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