Silver cross pram in boot of a Ford KA will it fit?

Sorry for the O/T

Does anyone have a ford KA?

We are going away for the weekend. I am driving our car and then hubby is borrowing a KA and driving that down so that we can take my family

My sis has recently had a baby and has a silver cross pram but i am not sure of the boot space available in a KA so dont know if it will fit.

Hoping someone can tell me if it is totally unrealistic to expect it to.

Thanks ladies


  • our siver cross 3D fits in our clio but at a bit of a squeeze!
  • I had KA when LO was born, we took to mothercare and the ONLY one that fitted was a Loola. x
  • My friend had a silvercross and it ONLY JUST fitted in the boot of her Focus so i personally dont think it will. xx
  • Thank you

    Thought that may have been the answer. We have a renault scenic so may be able to get her pram and mine in the back of our car and then pack around that *crosses fingers*

    Thank you ladies
  • I have tried in a KA before. It wont fit in the boot, it only fits if you put down one of the back seats and slide it through so its half in the boot, and half in the back of the car.

    I have a Hauck Malibu and it fits in the boot of a KA. But its more of a stroller/pushchair xx
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