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Hi ladies,

I remember reading about this on here a while ago and someone posted a link to a website but now i can't find the topic. I'm thinking of getting a dog tag necklace for my hubby for our wedding anniversary this year so wondered if anyone remembers or knows of the website that was posted?

Also, if you have one, is it one of those things where you get what you pay for? I've had a look at a few websites and the prices range from about ??40 to well over ??100. I don't want to pay less and be disappointed but at the same time i obviously don't want to pay more than i have to! image

Any help would be much appreciated.

Claire & Olivia xx


  • Pickle and Pumpkin are really good. I couldn't afford it as I only like the hand and footprint ones, but thier quality and prices reasonable compared to others.
  • The website I used was I ordered a charm for myself, and cufflinks for my oh at Xmas. They were absolutely perfect, the finger print kit was easy to use and the finished items are really lovely quality. I used to work in a jewellers so I am pretty good at recognising nice jewellery :lol: I do think you get what you pay for, the stuff we bought was more expensive than in other places but my sil ordered a necklace and cufflinks from somewhere cheaper, the prints weren't as clear and the jewellery wasn't nearly such nice quality. My bro cufflinks actually came apart 2 days later, the could be repaired but it would have been better if they had been made properly in the first place!
  • hi, i used the website

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  • i used

    i got a charmed bracelet and it was gorgeous,i love it!! and the best thing is that they keep the fingerprints on file so if you lose it or want anymore they can do it for you,i do have a 20% discount code its

    trustfund6 dont know if its still ok to use it or not

  • I used dinky fingerprints my pendant cost ??30 very happy with it. But you can make them yourself with precious metal clay (pcm) which is what these companies use anyway :\) thinking about doing that myself for presents.
  • I realise this is an old thread but still useful for reference, the only place I could find a fingerprint Dog Tag in the shape I expected a dog tag to be was

    I got my hubby one last year and I was really happy with the price and quality.
  • I used Smallprint to get dog tags for my OH. The website is which let's you find someone in your area who does it. I went to the ladies house, I like it because the kids actually put their print in the metal clay itself so you get something completely unique and that has actually been touched by them. It cost about ??40 with the chain.

  • I used Moment In Time Jewellery for a set of cufflinks for my OH, he absolutely loves them. Currently dropping hints for a heart necklace for Mothers day.
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