Am i Boring??

Well - its my birthday at the end of july and all of my friends want to hijak the night saying they want a good night out in town, getting hammered and clubbing it. I however, just want a curry, a couple of drinks and the home to my husband. I have always preferred this since i got married as for me clubs are pulling places and i feel very insecure if men look at me or worse....look straight through me, Either way i end up feeling crap. But they are making me feel bad for not wanting to get drunk. I cannot do hangovers anymore. So am i boring??? hehe. x


  • Definitely not. Your idea of celebrating sounds just like mine!! At least that way your fresh for baby in the morning!

    Do what you want, its your birthday not theirs!

  • not at all, its your birthday you should do what you want!
  • No way, let them know what you want and if they are true friends, they'll respect your wishes and give you the night you want xx
  • I know what you mean (sort of) this may be really boring, It's my 29th birthday next week along with my brother's 18th birthday and my mum wants us all to go out for a meal which is fine but she wants to make it for 7.30 (lo's bedtime) the problem is that I have nobody to babysitt, mil is away for the summer, bil works away, sil has her own lo, other sil is too immature, fil will be either working nights or in Dublin working. My mum asked me cannot I not take her out of her routine for one night and I said the problem is if I do, Olivia will be out of her routine for a week and hubby and I will be the one dealing with it and I can't really leave her with anyone because we have tried this as well and she freaks out if she wakes and we are not there, so my mum keeps saying she will hold off booking incase I change my mind!
  • No you aren't boring!! I would be exactly the same, the thought of clubbing/getting hammered etc doesn't appeal to me any more.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday!!

  • rosapenny, i understand you completely too! We took lo out his routine for one night and not only did he cry through our meal because he was so shattered but he was a nightmare when we got home and for the next few nights too. And it wasnt his fault in the slightest!

  • Hell no, sounds like my idea of a good night. This may make me sound older than my 27 years but I'd rather go somewhere you can chat and have a few drinks than go to a loud club where you're shouting over each other. Off to bed with my slippers and cocoa.....
  • of course you're not boring. i'd prefer to do exatly what youre planning on doing!
  • sound slike my ideal night take away few drinks at home with great friends not boring at all x
  • thanks starbrite, I feel guilty about not going but I just can't do this to Olivia, we did it for mil's 50th and she cried through the meal as well, the restaurant didnt have a high chair for her and she had to sit on me knee or her car seat.
  • When I'm pregnant I keep saying that when I have the baby I'm going to go out clubbing and get really drunk. My daughter was born in Dec 08 and I couldn't have any less interest in doing this lol I'm pregnant again and said my clubbing line to dude last night and he just laughed as it isn't going to happen. Very nice in theory but just can't be doing with the hassle these days esp with a lo.
    As it's been said, it is your birthday- do what you want to do, your friends probably think what they're doing is nice but things change x
  • raging i replied last night ffs like the others say no you are not boring at all, i cant be bothered with taxis crowded places, no seats, sore feet, then wait in the cold for taxi home!!! lol lol

    for my birthday the past few years we have went out for dinner in our local town and then back to my friends house for drinks (its his borthday 4 days apart from mine and we're bessies so we have a joint one every year) its great crack and he and his gf have no kids so dont mind having people back lol lol its a winner all round!
  • No not at all!! for me i have been there done that! i can't think of anything worse, much prefer a nice meal or drink where you can have a proper conversation not have some drunken old man trying to dance with you!!!

    it's my 30th next year and will be having a nice quiet meal with family and close friends image x
  • You are not boring, each to their own, but I went out last weekend for one of my friends birthdays and once I was all dressed up and out with my friends we had such a laugh and I really enjoyed dancing away in a club until 3am!
    I haven't done that in months and I probably won't do it again for months but I had a really good night out.
    I didn't even drink that much, so no hangover.
  • Hell if you're boring then so am I lol!!! Clubbing and getting hammered is sooooo not my idea of fun. If I'm honest I don't think I've ever really enjoyed it! I've done it, don't get me wrong, but only cos it was the 'done thing'! Would much prefer a nice meal, bottle of vino and chilling out!!
  • Well i am glad i am not the only one by far then! I know they will go on and on to have another drink until i have had atleats 2 bottles and i don't like being bullied into it! I am arranging a meal - they can come or not - suit themselves -thanks everyone x
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