8 month old in the sun.....over reacting?


was I over reacting?

My pil came over for lunch yesterday, we had a bbq so sat outside.

I put a tracksuit jacket on Louise over her vest and long sleeved top and put her in the shade to play. mil said 'is she ok in the shade?' YES!!!!!

Then fil took her from me for a cuddle and sat with her face into the sun. I know it's only march but would you want your lo to sit facing the sun? I put a sun hat on her but it wasn't helping. I got my dh (who agreed with me) to put up the umbrella and fil made such a fuss about 'not knowing that babies shouldn't sit in the sun' and 'do you want me to move then?


Louise had really red, warm cheeks last night - they could be due to teething, well I hope that it's not because pil kept sitting with her in the sun!!!

'The sun isn't that hot' they kept saying - but even so I wouldn't want to face the sun like that without a hat or sunglasses!!

Sorry, rant over......and was one of the rants we had after they left yesterday!!!!

(another was that they kept saying it will be nice to take her to the beach, she doesn't like the sand at the park so not worth it 'oh she's not one yet'. And they were going to buy her some clothes about a month ago because they wanted to help us with anything they could - but they've been too busy - she'll be on to the next size if they ever bother!)


  • Am totally with you on this one. It can be couldy and the sun will still affect/effect (never know which one goes where!!) your skin so imagine with a babies very, very sensitive skin?!
    Thankfully I bought some baby sun cream last time I was in Boots and used my advantage points as I thought you never know when the sun will appear. We've had lovely weather over the last few days. Isn't going to last though and we're off out and about for the next few weeks so will pack all sorts of clothes to make sure we're covered! PIL honestly what are they like?!
  • i think they should listen to ur wishes as its ur child and u know best. i have to say i had millie sat out in the garden the other day in the sun but she had a big coat on and hat as it was not warm.Inlaws are always annoying i think they must think its their job! lol x x
  • Grr! Why do some people not realise babies are people too and affected the same way we are! Pil are the worst!

    On a side note, boots have bogof on sun cream at the moment!
  • I think for short periods in March I wouldn' be too bothered about her being exposed to the sun - but whether the sun's strong enough to do any damage or not, it's just not nice to look directly into it, or good for her eyes, so I would have done the same & put the umbrella up.
  • i need to get one for the pram where do u get them from? cos milie hates the sun being in her eyes!
  • Think you can get universal umberellas from Mothercare and places like that. Am off to have a look for one too-will let you know what I find.x
  • Gabe has been in the sun a lot lately at the park & whatnot, I must admit he has not had a sun hat on or sun cream...haven't had any problems... I honestly don't think it is warm enough in March to be worried. However when we went to malta in october (he was 5 months) he never went in the sun and always had cream on too xxx
  • The suns rays are strong enough to burn no matter what time of year it is.
    However, some time in the sun is good as it helps you produce vitamin D. I agree a lo should always wear a hat in the sun and not be sat facing it with sun in their eyes.
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