Is there life after a Jumperoo???

I am finally going to have to pack away Jonathan's Jumperoo as he is far too big for it, he is too long and hegs are bunched up under it and he is too heavy for it!!! He is only nearly 8 months but a long and heavy little boy...... has anyone any suggestions for something to replace his most favourite thing in the world.... well his most fave after his mummy image


  • I never got a Jumperoo, but after reading everyones posts on here about them I really wish I had.

    Isobel has a door bouncer and you can adjust the height as she gets taller, which may be a good alternative now your lo is too big for his jumperoo xx
  • We were wondering this too! Lily has a way to go in hers yet but she loves it. Hubby says he is going to have to make it vanish one day when her and I am out!
  • Unfortunately the door bouncer has a lower weight limit then the jumperoo!!! He can sit up unaided no problem so I guess I will just have to shower him with new toys lol I feel so bad about having to take it away....
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