Getting rid of that morning bottle


I need some advice please.

my Lo is nearly 11 months and at the moment he is still having two bottles a day one when he wakes up at 5am (I know I have tried everything and I can't get him to slepp any later) and the other before bed.

when do I cut the morning bottle and how do I go about it because I don't really want to be giving him his breakfast at 5am??

What do I do?



  • Does lo scream 4 bottle? Maybe he will not notice if u drop it by an ounze every couple of days and maybe offer water and snack like banana.. X
  • yes he wakes up and litterally scream for it which is why I am nervous about taking it away.

    I suppose I could drop it by an ounce.

    I am thinking he would rather have food it's just that if I give him his breakfast at that time he will be hungsy by 8 again, and will I be then creating a bad habit??

    Since I became a mummy I cannot make a decision to save my life! lol

  • I know what u mean! I thought i was all clued up cos i wrkd with babies 4 so long but i nd reassurance on everything i decide.. I think dropping ounzes slowly over wk or two until its a pointless amount will work.. Soon he can have a beaker of cows milk instead cant he? At 12mths? Gd luck hun x
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