should i be concerned that he's not sitting up

Hi everyone,

Just been visiting family and everyone has been on my case that lo is not sitting up yet or completely mastered his head control. He is now 6 months and although it does concern me that he should at least be holding his head properly I haven't felt too concerned...until now.

He is pretty good at sitting unaided but he just flops his head forward and down. Tried putting toys at eye-level but he still leans forward and has his head down. He just trys and grabs everything in fornt of him and consequently just leans forward scrunching his stomach and half the time brings up a bit of food/milk. This worries me as I don't want him to end up with an arch back.

When he rolls over on his front he is pretty good at holding his head up to look around so I just don't get it.

So anyway, should I be concerned?


  • cameron has just started sitting unaided last week when he was 28 weeks. he could do a min or two but now its full on sitting. his little friend who is 2 weeks older does not sit or have very good head control and i think this is just cos babies develop differently. if you are concerned you should contact your hv though.
  • i wouldnt be to worried yet, alot of babies dont sit until they are 7 or even 8 months, but i would speak to your HV as she will be able to put your mind at rest. x
  • I agree that it's nothing to worry about, 6 months is quite young to be able to sit well unaided. My little lad (6 months) is sitting but his big sister wasn't at his age, and he compenstes for it by showing absolutely no interest in rolling over at all!!
  • God no don't worry hon!

    Gabe is 8 months and not sitting unaided - I actually think he could cos he sits brilliantly in highchairs and sits unaided in his bouncy chair without leaning on the back BUT he won't sit on the floor! He needs the support even though he doesnt use it if that makes sense?

    I have spoken to HV and she's not too worried, it's only after 9months that they worry about this. Gabe's fast approaching that so I am a bit panicky but he has been behind in other milestones too and didn't roll till 6.5 months.

  • thanks for your replies everyone. you've put my mind at ease a little bit. think i will mention it to hv and paediatrician next week.
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