nasty cough

Hi, My LO has a nasty chesty cough and a stuffy nose. He seems absolutely fine and in good spirits so I don't think it is an infection. Does anyone know of any remedies to help him clear it. I can't find any over the counter cough medicine that is for babies under 6 months. He is 5 months now...any suggestions welcome, thanks!



  • I would take him to the doctors, they'll listen to his chest and look in his throat, eyes and ears just to check. My lo's 9 months and has a chest infection, symptoms which are blocked, snotty nose and a bad cough. He's on antibiotics for it so I'm glad I went to the GP.

    If it turns out not to be an infection then they can prescribe a cough medicine Simple linctus for him, I'm pretty sure this is fine for under 6 months. I had it when I was pregnant, it just soothes your throat a bit.
  • I agree with TL take lo to the docs just in case Erin has also had a chest infection recently. If you run a boiling hot bath and just sit in the room cuddling lo the steam can help the cough xx
  • Thanks for the advice. I managed to get an appointment with the doc's today so I'll let you know how we get on. Poor LO!
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