6 Month club!!


Just wanted to share that I've now been breastfeeding Louise for 6 months today!!

I love being able to breastfeed her and have plans to stop yet, Will just see how we go when the teeth appear..............

Does it count as 'exclusive breastfeeding' as i've been weaning her slowly since 16 weeks?



  • Wow well done you! I managed 3 weeks and really hope I'll be able to bf with the next one-fingers crossed. Maybe as I didn't make it this time I won't next-not sure if it's linked??
    Anyway well done you and Louise xx
  • Congrats!! I'll be joining you next wednesday when lo turns 6 months. I've been bf'ing exclusively and hope to carry on until she's 1.

    I'm sure it does count as exclusive even with solids. I've only just started my lo on baby rice though as she's a petite babe and her Dr wanted to wait until she'd doubled her birth weight.
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