Can DD have ham? I mean the sandwich ham, either the cheap ones that are squares or the nice ones that look like cut ham? Just thinking about doing carbonara for DD! Shes 7 months old xx


  • Yes I used to give my Ds this from 6months he loves it and still does x
  • yup, but ham can be quite salty so i wouldn't give it too often xxx
  • Yes to the ham, but I would be more worried about the under-cooked eggs in the carbonara?!

    Bets XxX
  • I try to avoid processed foods for my 10mo son (and also myself as Im preg and we eat the same things) and I do give him ham but only if it's freshly cut off the bone. I actually only realised this week that the honey ham off the bone I was buying is still processed! So it has to be just plain old ham off the bone.
  • We were advised to avoid processed meat as its salty, and procssed food isnt the best for you anyway. I guess so many things have salt in them, that as long as you are being careful in other areas, a little ham wont matter. I would always get the very best meat you can afford, to avoid nasties!!

    Em x
  • Thanks. Yeah will def go for the real ham as opposed to the sandwich ham!
    Betsyboo, it's not real carbonara, just cheese sauce ham and pasta!

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